33 Local Foods We Love

Friday, November 18th, 2011

What are the local foods that make you happy to live in Sonoma County?

I asked BiteClubbers to name the artisan foods (okay, and a few drinks) that really make Sonoma County the cornucopia of deliciousness that make us proud to be from here. These are the things we go out of our way to find at farm markets, restaurants and grocery stores.

So, here are your picks…or at least a first pass. Did we miss your favorites? Add them below!

Russian River Brewing: Pliny the Elder, Consecration
Taylor Maid Coffee: El Impossible
Guayaki: Yerba Mate
Ace in the Hole: Cider
Bear Republic: Racer 5

Dairy Good
Spring Hill Cheese: Butter
Rosso Pizzeria: Burrata
Redwood Hill Farm: Crottin
McClellands Dairy: European Style Organic Artisan Butter
St. Benoit Yogurt: Meyer Lemon Yogurt
Bohemian Creamery: Bo Peep
Bellwether Farm: Carmody
Sheana Davis: Delice de la Vallee
Matos Cheese Factory: Portugeuse Cheese
Straus Creamery: Butter
Clover-Stornetta: Butter, milk

Meat It!
Salmon Creek Ranch: Duck
Black Pig: Salumi and Bacon
Diavola: Charcuterie
Healdsburg Farm Fresh Eggs

Terra Sonoma: Verjus and Saba
Preston of Dry Creek: Olive Oil
Mateo Granados: Ahumado Salsa
Figone’s: Cinnamon Pear Balsamic Vinegar

Jalisco Tortillas
Preston of Dry Creek: Bread
Della Fattoria: Kalamata Bread
Wildflour Bakery: Cheese Fougasse and sticky buns
SRJC Culinary Cafe: Bakery items
Nightengale Bread: Foccaccia
Chloe’s French Cafe: French pastries
Prima Vera Tamales

Matanzas Creek Winery: Peanut, toffee, champagne brittle

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  1. Thanks, Phyllis!!

  2. Full Circle Bakery in Penngrove, plus Village Bakery(Seb) seeded sourdough.
    And how could you miss Gleason Ranch. 2nd on Felton Acres too.
    Best pork is coming from Tara Firma (Petaluma) and Clark Summit, if you’re lucky enough to find it.

  3. 33 is a nice start but maybe you could spread the love around? Laura Chenel’s Chevre is Sonoma County’s pioneer in artisan goat cheese…since 1979.

  4. How did you miss Laura Chenel’s Chevre, Sonoma’s pioneering artisan goat cheese producer? Shame on you, BiteClub for not doing your local homework! You’ve made a good start but missed some of Sonoma County’s stars.

  5. Cain, Abel, Mike,

    Dudes! No reason to put others down to make your point. This is Bite Club Eats, not the Daily Beast. Let’s keep Sonoma County civil.

    Getting back to the list, the Strauss creamery ice cream flavors are to die for. I especially love their Brown Sugar Banana and Caramel Coffee Crunch!

  6. Not to be ignored— Vella’s Cheese Factory in Sonoma

  7. Taylor Maid Farm’s Goat Rock Roast
    Nana’s All Natural Gran Cran Granola

  8. Alvarado Street Bakery!

  9. “Sonomic” balsamic-style vinegar.
    Brian’s Bounty Natural Bath Products
    Village Bakery Seeded Sourdough

  10. Lagunitas should be on this list! And Cowgirl creamery!

  11. Ecco Cafe (Santa Rosa) turns out some excellent coffees. The by-the-cup vendor at the SR Farmers Market uses only Ecco I believe.

  12. With all due respect, the rest of the US would disagree with you to the point of wondering what planet you’re on. There are over a half dozen Lagunitas brews winning major competitions all over the world. How many brew publications or blogs do you read? None? Thought so. I’ll fill you in, people all over the US are climbing all over themselves to get at Lagunitas and Russian River brews. You may not personally like them, but any beer fan will instantly recognize quality brewing when they taste it.

    How lucky are we that these two breweries are so local?

  13. THANK YOU for including black pig meat co.
    happy hogs!

  14. So sad Kozlowski Farms isnt mentioned at all… delicious pies, jams, jalapeño jelly, sauces and how could you forget that APPLE BUTTER!

  15. Felton Acres eggs…..when I buy them, they’re from Andy’s Market (trying to p_mp the eggs, not the market)…

  16. With all due respect, the only truly noteworthy Lagunitas product is IPA. The others are okay.

  17. Sunshine Roasters Italian Roast coffe

  18. Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam. I ate a round in two days and it was a fantastic experience. So good!

  19. Thanks for including Delice de la Vallee!

  20. Franco American Eatery – Sourdough bread (http://francobreads.com)
    Third Street Aleworks – Annadel Pale Ale
    Lagunitas Brewing Co. – IPA

  21. Great list, but……you forgot Lagunitas Brewing Little Sumpin’, Laloo’s (Mission Fig) and Three Twins (Cookies and Cream)

  22. That is a fine list, especially happy to see Mateo Granados mentioned, along with Beth’s(Nightengales) focaccia. We’re so lucky to call this home, where we can grow just about everything, and make the best of almost anything. Passion & perseverance are what our homegrown artisans all have in common. Home, sweet(and savory) home.

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