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Friday, May 20th, 2011

Aqus Cafe
Nestled along the Petaluma River,  Aqus Cafe is a kaffeeklatsch that goes way beyond simple morning fuel. The Petaluma arts community calls this packed Foundry Wharf’s cafe its home away from home, with live music, art, film and a passionate community folk gathered round its tables from morning to night.

Owner John Crowley is an Irishman who never forgets a name and always has a hearty handshake or hug for friends old and new. Having “grown up in a pub”, Crowley wanted to create a stateside watering hole where adults could have a glass of wine or coffee comfortably with kids, friends could meet and the community could connect. Mission accomplished.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner menu until 9pm Thursday and Friday, until 10pm Saturday. A jam-packed monthly schedule is available at the website and includes everything from Men’s Groups to open mic nights, family trivia, live jazz, county and Celtic music, speed networking and town hall meetings with the Petaluma mayor.

Aqus Cafe: 189 H Street, Petaluma CA (707) 778-6060.

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  1. Seriously? You would rather go to a STARBUCKS!? that’s pretty damn far away from “I’m all about local” mindset as possible. Every time I see one of those ugly cups I get a corporate shiver down my spine. You don’t like the service there fine, try another cafe, but spare everyone your “I go to starbucks because I can’t go anywhere else!” excuse.

  2. This place has great coffee and food but the customer service is HORRIBLE!
    I am all about shopping local but in this case I’d rather go to a Starbucks where I know my business is appreciated, and customers are treated like customers.

  3. Try the Boca Vegan Fig Burger with side salad that accompanies and a Mango iced tea for a filling, delicious and nutritious vegetarian meal. Choice of bread inculdes gluten free. Top off with a chocolate cherry gluten free cookie brought in fresh from Bovine Bakery. BTW, the fig jam on the burger is made at Aqus. And it’s delicious!

  4. agreed. And shameful that i haven’t highlighted it before.

  5. Aqus Café is a great resource. John Crowley has been really successful at increasing people’s connectedness in Petaluma. I love the place.

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