Beaudry’s Roadhouse

Thursday, November 15th, 2012


Mystery solved on the opening of Beaudry’s Roadhouse in Sebastopol. Chef-owner Frank Stephenson has long had his eye on the roadhouse midway between Sebastopol and Forestville on Gravenstein Hwy., first as Elmo’s and then as the Henweigh Cafe. “I’m from Sonoma County, its like getting back home for me,” says Stephenson, who’s owned the Boar’s Breath Restaurant and Bar in Middletown for years. The restaurant officially opened on Friday, and will serve lunch and dinner with comfort dishes from burgers ($11-13), to salads, fried calamari and larger entree dishes including pork chopp with buttermilk mashed potatoes, spaghetti and meatballs ($16), St. Louis style ribs ($17) and steak. On Sunday, they’re planning on hosting a barbecue and fried chicken night and $5 burger night on Wednesdays. 4550 Gravenstein Hwy North, Sebastopol, 829-7500,


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  1. Having enjoyed stopping in Middletown for a nice dinner at the Boar’s Breath (the only reason to bother to stop in Middletown, since Mount St Helena Brewing stopped brewing their own beer, but I digress…) I made the effort to stop in for dinner tonight expecting a good meal. I was not disappointed. Menu consists mainly of comfort foods (burgers, ribs, pasta, etc.) but when my server listed off the night’s specials and said the words “fried chicken,” I was sold. The meal consisted of half a chicken (fried, of course) mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. ($15) Chicken was nicely seasoned and breaded and, most importantly, moist. I don’t care how well seasoned a fried chicken batter is, if the chicken ends up dry I consider it a failure. This chicken was served piping hot and deliciously moist – quite frankly, about as good a job frying chicken as I have had in a long time. Nicely matched by the mashed potatoes and beans. The service was pleasant and attentive and while I can’t speak to any decor changes made since it was the Henweigh, the room was warm and inviting. The server shared with me their $5 Wednesday menu, and they’ve expanded their choices to include burgers (beef, lamb, turkey, veggie), pulled pork or pulled chicken sandwiches, spare ribs, and spaghetti and meatballs. I’ll go back on a Wednesday night, but if you want this place to make it (and you should) you should try it out on a regular night. Good stuff…

  2. Hi LeeRoy,

    The address is actually in Sebastopol. 4550 Gravenstein Hwy North

    I consider it just a Sonoma County dining spot, as there are so many great places in our beautiful county.

    Frank, Owner

  3. Forrestville or Sebastopol?
    Out there in No Persons Land but I thought that was Sebastopol…

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