Big Bottom Market to open

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Okay Snicker McSnickerstein. Let’s get this out of the way: The name of the forthcoming Big Bottom Market in Guerneville refers to the river town’s 1860’s moniker as “The Big Bottom”. As in an alluvial flood plain. Not your granny’s gadunkadunk in the trunk.

But owners Crista Luedtke (boon eat+drink, boon hotel) and Michael Volpatt (of PR firm Larkin Volpatt) aren’t exactly shying away from the cheeky double entendre. “When we heard it we just though it was fun. It’s definitely got a lot of people talking,” said Volpatt.

Opening in mid-July, this small-town market isn’t you usual cigs, beer and Slim Jim kind of joint. Instead,  it’s a gourmet general store focused on artisanal food wine and micro brews for the beach-bound and picnic-set. In addition to deli items and prepared foods, Big Bottom Market will also sell its own blend of red wine, Sonoma County olive oil and sea salt. The duo hopes to expand the operation in Sonoma County and possibly Palm Springs.

But that’s not what’s got my attention. “Visitors to the market can also anticipate getting their hands on one of the best biscuits ever tasted. In the words of the market partners, ‘The biscuit is the new cupcake and ours are off the hook delicious.‘” Plus the promise of a decor that’s “lumberjack chic.”

Akin to Jimtown Store owner Carrie Brown, Crista has already proved her food mettle at boon eat + drink, a simple eatery that embodies everything I love most about Sonoma County — unfussy, fresh and wildly creative dishes that taste as good as they look.

Stay tuned for more details. The location is set to be 16228 Main St. in downtown Guerneville.

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  1. Thank you once againit worked for me …….. i am looking for more useful posts like this from you

  2. A $8.50 PBJ? Really? I just don’t get the pricing–plus the place has all the ambiance of a cave. Prediction–gone by next summer.

  3. All I could think about was that sing Fat Bottom Girls. Haha

  4. I definitely hear what Donna is saying because when we live in a place so attractive to tourists sometimes it can become cost prohibitive for locals. I hope that Big Bottom and other vendors will find a way to create balance. Locals nights at restaurants are good examples that restaurants use. It behooves businesses to be attractive spaces for locals because tourist season is fleeting and ultimately locals are major supporter during off seasons. While I am glad to see new business in the area I strongly urge them to hear local concerns

  5. Hey Donna! If you want a market that is not as pricey as Safeway, maybe you should contact Food For Less and see if they might bring another chain store into town. As for me, I am thrilled with the coming of Big Bottom Market since Boon Eat + Drink features organic, local, delicious food and I am sure Big Bottom will offer the same. Welcome!

  6. My hubby and I love living here. We bought our home 9 years ago and although I thought he was crazy at that point, it now is a beautiful, peaceful home that we love and enjoy the fact that we have no neighbors, just wildlife. We have seen how our local community has suffered during the economic downturn and when we saw the advertisement for “Big Bottom Market”, we got excited but unfortunately now that we found out it is not what we really needed in this town, but another tourist trap market it saddens us. Maybe you could help our town by also opening a market that is not as pricy as Safeway and the local gas station markets. That is what we really need. Local people live on fixed incomes mainly and we do alot of giving to our community. Hopefully you will know someone who can bring a market that carries the necessities of daily life at regular prices instead of all the tourist prices. That would be awesome. Thank you.

  7. Shhhhhhhhh! All the cool kids know. I’d rather keep gville rockin and the haters out anyway.

  8. You have no idea how many great things are starting to happen in this town. Play the fool if you like, but you are missing out!!

  9. Guerneville? Blech!

  10. Come on, people are also snickering as there’s the reference to the Spinal Tap song “Big Bottom”, not just granny’s gadunkadunk.

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