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Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Bistro M interiorAfter several days of closure due to “equipment repairs”, locals are asking whether Bistro M on the Windsor Town Green will reopen.

It’s a question I’ve been unable to get an answer to since mid-week when a BiteClubber noticed a temporary closure notice on the door of the restaurant. Calls and emails to owners Bryan and Matthew Bousquet have gone unanswered, adding to speculation that this may signal the end of M.

The couple have their hands more than full with the rather unexpected success of their new venture Momma Pig, which opened several weeks ago. Talking to BiteClub just after opening, Bryan said that the restaurant was set to do over a thousand covers in just a few days. Part of the reason for closing Mirepoix and opening the barbecue spot, according to Matthew, was to allow the couple more time with their young daughter. Operating two restaurants doesn’t exactly facilitate a lot of spare family time.

Stay tuned for more news as I find out.

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  1. Well Cate, I dare to say you never ate at Bistro M. If you had you would know the food is great. And as for the owners being people that “think they can cook”, well they can. I think anyone who earns a Michelin Star has proven that they can.

  2. who cares???

  3. This is a classic example of what happens when people who think they can cook open a restaurant. Life is too short for bad restaurants.

  4. Good, it was pretty bad, not surprised. Maybe someone will move in there and actually have good service and decent consistent food.
    But then again, probably not.
    Less foo-foo and better service and plain decent food and a decent price and the place would succeed. For some reason they feel that pretentiousness will attract customers…..maybe once.

  5. Good, Ate there for our new year’s eve dinner. It was the worst 100+$ meal I have ever had. Sat us by the fire door while all the booths were open, when asked I was told they were reserved, no one ever showed. My steak was raw, sent it back waited another 45 min. My wife was done 30 min ago. Just an awful place. Food and service sucked. I see why they couldn’t make it. You know it’s bad when you Yelp at the table.

  6. Word is closed for good..

  7. I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if it didn’t re-open.

    I was last there in mid-May and it was EMPTY. The food was fine, but the kitchen was out of ingredients and substituting replacements without informing diners. Example: my Mom’s salmon with lentils came with quinoa in place of the lentils.

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