Blue Label at the Belvedere closing

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

The Blue Label Crew

All good things must come to an end. But so soon?

Blue Label at the Belvedere — both evening and cafe service — are closing. The evening service, managed by Superburger’s Bill Cordell, has shuttered and the cafe service, run by the former Humble Pie Crew, will shut down on July 17.

It’s a serious bummer. Because Bill’s haute burgers were off the hook. And it’s no secret that BiteClub’s a die-hard fan of Miriam Donaldson and her baking prowess. Plus, the space was just so, well, strangely welcoming and perfect. After a strong opening, a series of changes (Donaldson and her team moving to cafe service and Cordell recently changing the focus of the menu to burgers) created some confusion for diners but the fan based seemed to be growing.

Cordell said the restaurant had a great run and was a lot of fun, but it was a good time for him to move on to other things.

Donaldson seemed upbeat in an email to BiteClub, saying “Don’t know what we are up to next…maybe take it easy for a bit. But I really miss cooking dinner and so does Josh. So maybe if a perfect tiny little space becomes available and we are able to find the start up cash we’ll give it another whirl.”


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  1. I will cook Midnight BBQ. Pop it up!

  2. Hmm. I had a fantastic meal there and a truly horrible one. I probably would have tried again after a month or three, but probably for the best.

  3. It has never taken a lot to get it going.

    Once going, it never got going.

    Not going, not going…..gone.

    A pity. Cute place; nice location, I think.

  4. Apparently that spot has a crappy landlord as noted on the P30’s own blog in the listing they have for the sale of the biz.. Seems like a sale killer.

    “The details of the lease will need to be discussed with the landlord, however, current rent is set at $3000 NNN but is negotiable.
    * We will note here that the landlord is the nicest person in the world.”

  5. The P30 restaurant space between Sebastopol and Freestone is vacant and probably would not take a whole lot to get going.

  6. Major Bummer! This was the first exciting cafe Santa Rosa has had in a long time. They have great food, great coffee and a cool ambiance. They filled a need that is truly missing here – funky culture with a gourmet taste. Their breakfast burritos rock, their Strata is straight from heaven and the cheese filled french toast – holy moly! Yep, going to seriously miss this place and the people who run it. Oh yeah, and the service has never missed a beat yet! Great job to everyone there and hope to see you again soon!!!

  7. I go back to February when Jeff Cox summed it up:
    How could this have gone so horribly wrong? Too grand and glorious for Santa Rosa? I hope and think not. Miriam, Josh, and all the other really great people I met working at the BL: I gotta think this can’t be the end of a chapter, but the beginning of a new and better one. I am so looking forward to your next incarnation, and plase let it be close by! I gotta be positive or I’m gonna hurt somebody, ’cause I really am gonna miss the fun and ambiance of the place, and most of all your good cookin’! Take care.

  8. Seriously? This is the best place going in Santa Rosa. Nothing better than a lazy morning (or whenever) at Blue Label. They will be sorely missed.

  9. Omg it would be an Amazing lil underground restaurant pop up space!!
    Good idea.

  10. My credit card was charged.

  11. Thanks Miriam. Im glad to hear it. Shows that racing to conclusions isn’t always fair. We look forward to your new adventures. And wouldn’t that space be cool for pop up dinners?

  12. Gotta clear up some of the Living Social Business…because “shame on Blue Label” just isnt the whole damn story and I really object to it.
    We had a very short notice on Bill leaving his lease (which we are indeed tied to) We made the deal with living social in good faith. the same day we learned we would be shuttering we contacted the good folks there and they said no ploblem, they would remove the deal and they would contact anyone who had purchased a coupon and refund any monies. NO ONE was Charged for ANYTHING.
    We are not in the business of being jerks. So there. =P

  13. Shame on Blue Label!! They sold Living Social Deals last week knowing full well that they would be unable to honor them!! We just recently moved to the Santa Rosa area and I bought the deal last week. My son went in to redeem it and they refused to honor it. If this is the way they operate a business then Karma is coming back to bite them!!

  14. Too bad they offered the coupon. They must have known already they were going to close. I am not in town so I guess I just toss it or give it away.

  15. We will miss Miriam and Josh. Let us know where you land: we will follow you to the ends of the earth! We loved being your neighbor and I’m heading over there right now!


  16. Obviously there are not enough people eating out in Sonoma County. Even the cafes thought to be good are affected

  17. Oh, I’m so very bummed out about this. It seems each time something really cool arrives to Santa Rosa, it never lasts… shoot….

  18. You’d have to ask Bill. He told me on the record that it seemed like a good time to get out. He also told me that his chef was departing (apparently to cook on a ship of some sort) and hiring and training a new chef over the summer wasn’t in the cards for him right now.

    I don’t think i’m stepping out on a limb by saying that from what I know of Bill, he has a good heart and is a good businessman.

    The cafe’s lease was tied to Bill’s, so with his closure, the cafe had to close as well.

    There’s not a lot of blame to go around. Mostly it’s just a sucky sitch.

    If I was a billionaire, I’d bankroll all these guys just to have fun and be creative.

    Personally, I think the belvedere should consider doing “pop up” restaurants in the space and let different chefs take over the kitchens for a few weeks and just do whatever wacky stuff they want. Kind of a lab. Again, if I was rich, I would totally bankroll this. Sadly, all I can do is say how cool it would be.

  19. How now, Sonoma County? The city next door okays a Hooters, and we can’t keep great people and great food like the Humble Pie/Blue Label crew in SR? Sigh.

  20. please come to cloverdale we have plenty of small places, and the hugh lack of fresh prepared foods….not just the costco specials our town accepts .

  21. Seemed like a good coffee shop with fresh pastries. But a breakfast cafe it was not. The only fresh item was the scrambled eggs. The potatoes were barely warm and certainly not pre-cooked that day. The worst breakfast I’ve had in Santa Rosa. Go figure.

  22. I almost got the LS deal as well. 😮

    It’s such a bummer, both the cafe and the restaurant have great food and awesome service, not to mention being right above The Belvedere. That was definitely becoming one of our go-to places to bring groups of friends for special occasions. Too bad.

  23. Well that royally sucks. My wife and I enjoyed eating there, they are going to be missed.

  24. Really liked that place.

    ADA Lawsuit?

  25. Really? There must be more to this– they seemed to be doing fine despite the menu issues. (And the burger I had was dry and overcooked– but all the non-burgers were delicious and perfect). Sad- beautiful use of that fun and funky building.

  26. that’s a shame you’d like to see the humble pie folks do well, aye?

  27. Well this sucks- here you have a local fresh yummy eats and mellow place to hangout- I am sad.

  28. so, the obvious question: why are they closing so soon? the article failed to say.

  29. Another restaurant bites the dust? This is becoming the norm in Sonoma County it seems. Maybe we need to just have food truck services provide comfort food at an a lesser price point?

  30. No fair!!!!!!!

    I was sooo excited to finally have the humble pie crew back in business. And finally that space was turned into something good. Please say it isn’t so!

  31. First, the ending of Sunday’s Treme makes me think that HBO is not going to bring it back for a 3rd season and now THIS!

    Gah, this week gets worse and worse.


    But seriously, I am bummed to hear that Blue Label is closing. I really hope that Donaldson and crew will take some time off and then come back to us. I still dream about the lemon pie and the berry pie…

  32. I was seriously considering buying that deal, so glad I didn’t.

  33. Yes, as I said on Facebook, you’ll likely wanna cash in on that deal pretty quick.

  34. 118 people just purchased $10 worth of food for $5 at Livingsocial deals.. Blue Label is going to very busy the next 12 days.

  35. We loved this place. Eating breakfast on their out door seating was so awesome.

  36. Well, this sucks.

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