#BottleRock Noms

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

IMG_3788BottleRock may be over, but the deliciousness of the food lives on.

In case you missed my Instagrams of all the noms of the Napa music festival held May 8-12, here are the highlights:

Fork Catering’s Pork Belly Taco with Fried Egg was Best in Show.
– Awful Falafel’s line was the longest. For good reason.
Ken Frank of La Toque is one of the coolest chefs ever because A. He actually showed up at his own booth. B. Just talk to him about foie gras sometime.
Huitlacoche tacos were probably the weirdest and most interesting thing (to eat) at the festival. (La Condessa)
– Never underestimate the power of strawberry shortcake on a hot day (Backyard).
– Morimoto’s tent had the precision and cleanliness you’d expect from a world-class chef. They even wiped the wax paper hot dog holder before handing it to me. Damn.
A tiny shake is better than no shake (Gott’s)
$200 is not enough money to eat your way through BottleRock.
– You never know who’ll sit down at your table and help you eat. And eat. And eat. (Hey Renee!)

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  1. yeah.. that was your first mistake.

    i’ve found that the restaurants of any chef that regularly appears on television tend to be pretty underwhelming. usually because the chef is spending most of his time on television and not minding his restaurants.

    just saying.

  2. i just thought i couldnt go wrong with a world class chef,. ha..
    i chose by name and reputation. name and reputation does not gaurantee a good meal. now, i know.
    the rice was hard and inedible. not cooked long enough.
    in addition there was an ever so slightly next to nothing amidst the rice.

  3. I think we are in the tail end of chefs trying to out-meat eAchother
    The huitalocoche taco was a great vegetarian dish as was the strawberries and cream

    It was a fairly meaty day however

  4. Iron Chef Morimoto offered veggie sushi.
    the rice was hard, there was barely a quarter teaspoon of wasabi. The sushi only had the teeniest tiniest piece of marinated burdock root in it. the whole thing was inedible and dissappointing. I thought anything Morimoto would offer would be good or at least edible. It doesn’t pay to be a vegetarian at bottlerock. That was my ten dollar meal money and I chose poorly.

  5. ” $200 is not enough money to eat your way through BottleRock?”. Seems to me with ticket prices on the rise and food on the rise we need some all inclusive festivals like The Dead on the Creek Festival in Willits in August where the food, beer and wine are included in the price of admission. These events are more than concerts they are experiences with food and music.

  6. Holy cow – ate at the Awful Falafel at BottleRock for the hundredth time and once again I was BLOWN away. The line was the longest by far, but so worth the little wait time. BEST food truck in Sonoma County by far! Please keep that falafel coming!

  7. Oh mercy! First, that pork belly. But wow, all the fixins on the chopped salad. Insert sigh of envy.

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