“Bro” Mosa Cocktail Recipe

Bromosa Cocktail Recipe

Bro Mosa: The Dude's Answer to the Mimosa

Dude Drink of the Week: Monti’s answer to the Mimosa.
Vodka + beer = A fighting chance at seeing Sex & The City 2 tonight.
Serve in an 8-10 oz “bucket”” glass. Wearing as little as possible for optimal effect.

The Bro Mosa
3/4 oz Smirnoff Vodka
2/3 full glass w/ PBR*
1/3 remaining glass w/OJ

Garnish with an Orange Wedge
From Monti’s Rotisserie
714 Village Court
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
p: 707.568.4404

Sunday Brunch 10:30 – 2:00
Sunday – Thursday 11:30 – 9:00
Friday – Saturday: 11:30 – 10:00

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  1. Right after examining this particular article, I wondered the same thing which i always wonder whenever reading fresh sites. What do I think about this? Exactly how does this impact me personally? This and other articles on your website here undeniably offer some food for thought. Surprisingly, Bing brought me here while i was working away at exercise and medical research. Always a pleasure perusing through and I do hope you keep things up. Best wishes!

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  2. Good catch, Ole. This is a good example of what happens when one writes a cocktail recipe WHILE simultaneously testing it. The remaining 1/3rd of the glass is supposed to be OJ. I’m sure if we ask nicely, Heather will add it to the recipe, right Heather?

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  3. We have it the ol’ Redneck college try this AM
    Ran out of Vodka before running out of OJ, Orange Slices or PBR.
    Next time we’ll start with a FULL bottle… and keep it away from Digger!

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  4. should shout ‘shandy!!’

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  5. Uh, what the hell? It should have just beer with OJ and the name is a goddamn beermosa. Cures hangovers something fierce.

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  6. If the orange is just a garnish and the drink is just PBR and Vodka, then why is the drink in the picture orange in color? I could understand it being a hefeweizen and the lighting just makes it look orange, but that looks like orange is juice is mixed in there as well.

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  7. Heienken? F*** that s***! PABST BLUE RIBBON!

    Dennis Hopper RIP

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  8. PBR, yummy. I had it on tap in Buffalo, NY where they also had Keystone on tap! The bartender said “there’s a renaissance of sh**ty beer happening.”

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    • I blame the economy. And trucker caps.

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  9. Yummy PBR
    The Beer that made NASCAR Famous!

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    • Me and the Bro’s will give it a try this Sunday watching the Michigan race, and then pack the necessary innerds for next weekend at Sears Point… uh, Infineon!
      Go JR!

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  10. I think it sounds interesting!

    Heather, I would love to know the recipe for the “Ginger Not MaryAnn” cocktail at Jackson’s Bar & Oven. I’ve made all my friends go there just to have that drink. It’s amazingly delicious!

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    • sent the request to Josh.

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    • If you have to ask, you can’t have it.

      Pabst Blue Ribbon.

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  11. Sounds terrible really, but faced with having to see sex and the city 1/2/3 or TV show, about 3 of these and I just might not care!

    Bottoms up

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