Checkers Closes for Remodel

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Wondering why Fourth St. mainstay, Checkers Bistro is shuttered? According to owner Katherine Castillo, the closure is a mere 3-day facelift and will reopen for business on Nov. 2.

“Checkers on 4th Street in downtown Santa Rosa is doing a three day facelift and will reopen with a new attitude on Wednesday November 2nd.  Katherine Castillo is excited to give her space some loving attention and to reopen the Italian Bistro with an updated interior and fresh local menu of Italian dishes. Don’t miss her trademark focaccia, pizza and pastas, fresh salads and favorite Italian entrees. Come share a glass of wine or a cold draft beer and enjoy the fun new bistro interior.”

Author: biteclub

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  1. I hope they makeover the service as well… we have always been fans, but last time the service was really bad. Glad to see downtown Santa Rosa keeping up and improving.

  2. Ditto what Organic Gardener said. Last two times I dined at Johnny Garlics, while eating in the enclosed patio area, I couldn’t help noticing bits and smudges of encrusted food at table level & eye level on the wall adjacent to my table and the table-setting & service was a lil haphazard – seemed like the restaurant’s original mission had been usurped by the employees which resulted in the impression that serving patrons was merely incidental to whatever other reason the workers were doing there. Food was meh. Used to be good in earlier years.

  3. I will try to stop by soon!!!

  4. Way to go Checkers! We are neighbors of Checkers and LOVE their food…..A facelift will just be an added bonus to the already great place for Italian food! The salads are THE BEST!!! Keep up the good work!!

  5. Glad to see the upgrade. The walls were dirty with food in the grooves. New paint will fix that. Floor needed help too, a new carpet or laminant would be nice. But don’t change the menu!! The food is really great!

  6. Strangely enough Guy Fieri got his start at Checkers working the floor. But Katherine has some of the best fresh recipes in town and her front of the house skills should be mandatory at the culinary schools. The salads are to die for and the foccacia amazing not to mention the other entrees. Can not wait to hang in the updated space.

  7. Please do not change the Cobb salad.

  8. Checkers has great food. But I do hope that part of this face-lift involves the bathroom! It is so dirty and run-down, I don’t like to eat there for fear of having to pee during dinner. I would love to get to add Checkers to my dinner option list again.

  9. No way!! Checker’s has been a success because of their food, waiters, and atmosphere. Kathy and her husband David were doing a great job before the economy tanked, and they continue to deliver a very enjoyable dining experience. Kathy, for the most part, left the menu alone when she became the new owner several years ago. That is why Checker’s loyal fans keep coming back! If it ain’t broke…

    Guy Fieri DOES NOT always have the-golden-touch when it comes to food. This is not a dis on Guy himself, but during the first few years of Johnny Garlic’s, the food was very good. Then things went down hill, perhaps because he wasn’t as involved in the daily operations. I’ve tried it a couple of times over the last several years, but it definitely has lost something, both in the food and the waiters. I won’t be going back. Tex Wasabi’s?? Two thumbs down.

    Those of us with the disposable income to dine out at nicer restaurants, vote with our wallets more than ever now. There are many very good restaurants here in Sonoma County to choose from. Rude or incompetent waiters, frequent or big price increases(we’re all having to tighten our belts), a decline of the food quality are all reasons we stop spending our money at a restaurant.

  10. Congrats, Katherine. It’s always rewarding to create a makeover. Don’t lose the tomato soup though : )

  11. We say they should bring in Guy Fieri to run the joint. Money!

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