Chick-fil-A to BK spot

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Yup. We called it a few months ago. Chick-fil-A is sniffing out the old Burger King space on Mendocino Ave. in Santa Rosa.

There’s a whole lot of process involved in opening a restaurant, but the company has submitted documents stating their interest in the space and will go before a city planners next week.


Author: biteclub

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  1. Any update on when we can eat chicken at this place ?

  2. Actually, you are spot-on-the Left IS represented by a bunch of yahoos. Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi…………..all of God’s special creatures.

  3. Those ripping the nutritional value chick-fil-a sounds like you have never been there before but just jumping on the bandwagon against any fast-food restaurant. Chick-fil-a actually has been healthful items on their menu and will be a welcome additional to this town for many people. Maybe you should give it a try or if you are dead set against it , don’t go and continue being critical about things you know very little about

  4. QuaziModo, spot on.., so much for Lefties idiology ! tolerance, diversity, my azz.

    Never been to a Chick-Fil-A, but I’m willing to try it when it opens, because I like chicken.

  5. Here’s a fun fact to fan the flames: The founder/owner of Whole Foods is one of the biggest contributors of the Republican Party.

  6. You look like the only dealer of hate on this board. How about paying more attention to yourself rather then telling people what they should do.

    You might be become a happier person.;)

  7. It is my understanding that a Chipotle will be opening in Rohnert Park sometime this year. While it’s not Santa Rosa, it is relatively close and should be a great addition.

  8. PS: Interesting how we can attract a Chick-fil-A, but not a Chipotle, which has sustainable practices more in line with Sonoma County’s general vibe.

  9. So you won’t be one of the first 100 waiting to get your year of free Chick-fil-A’s? It was hard to tell.

  10. Don’t like guns? Then don’t own one. Don’t like Rush Limbaugh? Then change radio stations. Don’t like Chick-Fil-A? Then don’t eat there. So much for the “tolerant” Left–good grief!!!! Whenever the “tolerant” Left hates something, it’s not good enough to not patronize it, they have to try banning it. I rest my case with Chick-Fil-A. Good luck with the Santa Rosa City Council. Lord knows, Lowe’s tried, and look what it got them. Sheesh.

  11. Another Garbage fast food chain poisoning residents with crap artery clogging slop only this time with the added twist that your dollars spent there help polarize and marginalize minorities. Boycott this crap dealer of hate and heart attacks!

  12. You’ve had almost 24 hours to think about it…honestly, now…doesn’t that seem kinda nuts?

  13. Quite the contrary. There are alot of folks that care to know what kind of company this is as evidenced by all the posts in the previous Bite Club article on this same subject. Keep your head in the sand and live your little life. It has no effect on me.

  14. This is tragic? Jesus Christ, nobody cares about your political beliefs. It is amazing that people use any forum possible to get on their high horse about their beliefs and shout them from the mountain top. I am not religious nor a Republican, but you make your cause look like it is represented by a bunch of yahoos.

  15. Is there no sanctuary from politics? If you don’t eat somewhere because you don’t like the food I’m interested. If you don’t eat somewhere because of you don’t like a businesses belief system I could no care less. When I belly up to the table I keep my political beliefs to myself. Did you know that political vitriol is bad for digestion?

  16. Save the cows, eat more chickin.

  17. My brother sent me a T-Shirt with the logo “Eat More Kale”. The Chick-fil-A people got upset that the t-shirt maker (in Maine) was disrespecting their logo of Eat More Chikin. Big brohaha. If they come to town, I plan to “Occupy” their premises wearing my Kale t-shirt

  18. Thanks for the heads-up Heather. That made for a very interesting read indeed. I’m glad I’m not the only one interested in getting the truth out about this company, and I thank you for the forum to do so.

  19. You might check the previous post on this. We kind of went through the whole “fundamentalist” thing.

  20. This is not the place for this discussion, but I will say that I treat all people with the respect they deserve, as fellow human beings on this planet we all share. But I will not support in any way a business which takes millions of dollars in profits and donates to organizations which go against everything I believe in. Is that not reasonable? The remainder of your questions are not worth answering.

  21. Michael-
    I wonder what you think about the recent Million Moms protest against JCPenney using Ellen Degeneres? I’m no right wing Christian (to say the least), but I wonder when all this stops? Do you ask the proprieter of every business you enter what their personal ideological beliefs are before you will commit to a transaction? Should we have “red” and “blue” supermarkets to keep our ideologies pure? Would you live next door to someone who contributes to organizations of which you do not approve? Would you let your children play together?
    Just askin’.

  22. Chick fil A donates millions of dollars to ultra right wing Christian fundamentalist groups. I certainly won’t be patronizing them.

  23. This is tragic indeed. Eat Local!

  24. Yes yes yes!!

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