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Chalkboard Bistro Healdsburg

New Healdsburg small plates bistro replaces Michelin-starred Cyrus. Change is good, maybe great.

Goose and Gander open

Former Martini House location roars to life again

Hooker’s House Bourbon

A seriously stiff spirit that only a Hooker could have inspired

Tequila + Mezcal Sonoma Style

More than a margarita mix-in, high end tequila bars serve up serious sippers

Get Some Beer Snack Religion

Every once in a while, I’m lucky enough to find a combination of flavors that just works, a minor chord born of a Beatles-like marriage of flats and sharps. Many of the classics never tire, and I use and re-use them without apology – and then there are beer snacks, the holy grail of sports fans and wannabe man-cooks everywhere, the perfect balance of heat, salt, and icy bitter froth, a marriage to read about in the self-therapy section of an airport book nook.

The Costco Report

The Costco Report: Episodic observations on where to port safely, and what to avoid like a pestilence, when navigating the oceans of consumer non-durables down in The Belly of The Beast… I sometimes (often, in fact) feel the need to justify shopping at Costco. I’m not sure why, exactly, but one could speculate:

Fighting Scurvy, One Gimlet at a Time

Lavender Infused Gimlet with Fresh Lime JuiceI’m not a big drinker of cocktails in general, and I’m even less of a drinker of gin. That being said, cocktails clearly have their place: Less so with food, and more before – or after, or occasionally instead of; as an alternative to beer, when the weather or environs don’t seem conducive to wine; and certainly, as a welcome to guests who have just endured the Bay Area’s northbound assault on wine country traffic

It’s Happy Hour Somewhere

Lavender for Cocktails
It’s Friday afternoon, the sun has won its daily battle with the fog, and I’m making cocktails. Never let it be said that the Proximal Kitchen does not count booze as a food group.