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Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

purse2.jpgSlobbering over the recent Dean and Deluca catalog? BiteClub found out the
gourmet grocer is sourcing it’s ridiculously cute purse cake from local bakery,
Patisserie Angelica. Here’s the great news. You can order the tasty tote for
$65 at the shop compared to the $180 D&D is charging in the catalog. Score! 
6821 Laguna Park Way, Sebastopol, 707.827.7998.

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Author: biteclub

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  1. “tasty tote” — man she is good

  2. Can’t get to Paris for the holidays? Don’t want to fly to New York or drive to the City? Fine. You can experience a little bit of elegance right here at home. Just spend a morning at Pâtisserie Angelica. Go for the ambience, go for the holiday decorations, go for the dessert…just be sure and go.
    I’m a regular at Patisserie Angelica. My friends and I meet there for our non-fat lattes and a dreamy dessert on a regular basis. We’ve probably sampled everything in their beautiful display case.
    The scones are better than the ones in Scotland and are a staple in our freezer. The Basque cake is now our traditional Christmas morning breakfast. My husband keeps a constant supply of the cookies and loves the very upgraded peanutbutter/chocolate bar- Peanut Envy. My holiday season favorite is the White Chocolate Ginger mousse and Pumpkin cheesecake.
    A Skull & Crossbones Halloween cake was a real hit at a friends birthday. It stopped the dinner party! After all the photos were taken we cut into it and, as with all of Condra’s desserts, it was sublime.
    Pâtisserie Angelica is a treasure. I am so glad it lives in Sebastopol.

  3. What next, a cake that looks like a cake! I mean for Jimminie Sakes–alright, you can make desert look like something totally irrelevant to food. Fine–now can you go back to FOOD! I’m still trying to figure out the whole “foam” thing! How about a cake that looks like a steak? Or perhaps a cake/pastry which resembles blood sausage! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  4. Well, to quote my all time favorite baking instructor Cathy Burgett: “You can always make it look good. The hard part is making it taste good.”

  5. I’m not a huge fondant fan, so I wouldn’t have a very objective viewpoint. But really, when it’s that cute does it matter what it tastes like? (Rhetorical)

  6. Beautiful! But, how does it taste?

  7. Fondant? yuck . . give me Ganache in any shape

  8. Mmmmm, Patisserie Angelica. The only fondant I will ever eat.

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