Disco Fries in Cloverdale

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Is Cloverdale the next food hot spot? Two recent openings in the north of note.

Plank Coffee (227 N. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale, 894-6187) opened last week, a hipster hangout featuring lots of recycled wood, Flying Goat Coffee, locally made pastries and the best iced Bangkok (espresso, evaporated milk) I’ve ever had. It’s owned by Mike Morisette and Marne Dupere of 14ft design in Healdsburg.

Nearby, Railroad Station Bar and Grill (114 Railroad Ave., Cloverdale, 894-4779) does two things I’m just wild about: Poutine and Pretzel buns. Poutine (for the non-Canadians) is a magical concoction of gravy and cheese smothered fries (they call them Disco Fries). The pretzel buns (imported from Texas) are soft pretzels sliced in half, cradling a hunk of ground beef that’s cooked to perfection (which is of course medium rare). Also worth a look:  The shrimp po-boy and daily soup specials.  Full bar.

Where else to eat in Cloverdale? Ruth McGowan’s Brew Pub (131 E. First St., Cloverdale, 894-9610) for brews and Zini’s Diner (796 S. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale, 894-9444) for Swedish pancakes all day.

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  1. We tried the Disco fries and we both LOVED them. Not as greasy or cheesy as I thought, and that’s a good thing. My DH had the gourmet hot dog, he was in heaven. Over all, we really liked this place and will probably go again on our way to Mendo. We usually eat at the Hamburger Ranch, which we also really like, but it’s nice to have choices. Also tried Plank, great coffee and very cute.

  2. Thanks for the love on the braised beef! We are only 30 min from the Rosa don’t get discouraged

  3. It’s absolutely great to see Cloverdale find a niche for itself now that the freeway doesn’t go through town anymore. Besides a fantasticly built performing arts building where everyone has a great seat, there are
    some new shops and a great art gallery in the old Towers Medical Building. Oh yeah! The Hamburger Ranch is worth the drive too!!!

  4. The Cloverdale Ale Braised Beef sandwich is to die for! Heather, you should go back and try the sandwich with sauteed peppers, caramelized onions, slaw, red chili bbq sauce, in a french roll. It is worth the 45 minutes to an hour drive from Santa Rosa. This sandwich is Better than the Shrimp Po Boy….YUMMY!

  5. I’m telling you, I think that stepchild might be getting a second look. The heat, however, is a deal-breaker for me.

  6. You are technically correct, which is why I suspect they call them disco fries instead of poutine. But its the closest thing I’ve found in Sonoma County.

  7. While those fries look tasty, they definitely are NOT poutine. Poutine is made with cheese curds, period. Atleast the owners of the restaurant aren’t trying to fool anyone. They’re Disco Fries (fries with gravy) and cheese.

    btw, Spring Hill Cheese in Petaluma makes cheese curds so this is a dish you can make at home quite easily. But you will feel guilty lol

  8. I’m just sayin’, that as far as greasy spoons go, Hamburger Ranch is pretty good. Many a hangover was cured by their burger while I was in my early 20’s. Cloverdale may be the red-headed step-child of Sonoma County, but it has it’s charms.

  9. Ahh Yes! All great places in our Cloverdale :) Please don’t forget Piacere as best Italian dining in Sonoma County!

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