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Monday, July 12th, 2010

Fancy-pants dining is nice and all, but you know the single most-asked question I’ve heard for the last three months: “What’s up with Don Pedro’s?” You know, the taqueria on Sebastopol Road that’s been taunting us all with its curious signage. Is it open? Not open? Open? Not open? All the hubbub just confirms what I’ve always suspected — it takes a lot of tacos to make great cuisine in Wine Country.

So here’s the long-awaited answer: Don Pedros is now officially open. The menu has been expanded to include breakfast (American and Mexican, with a focus on omelettes), homemade tortillas, rellenos, six types of salsa, burritos, and entrees like fried fish and enchiladas. Outdoor seating, lowered prices, all that good stuff. The Shrimp Diabla Burrito, decidedly delicious. For dinner, chile verde, adobada, chicken mole, pork spare ribs and on weekends, menudo and birria.

But why the delay? Well, there’s always a backstory.

The iconic restaurant on the corner of Stony Point and Sebastopol has been in the Kocalis family since 1961, and has been a Mexican restaurant of some sort since 1972. It’s most recent tenant, Pepe’s, occupied the building since 1986, serving up legendary local burritos.

But when Pepe’s lease came up last February, the restaurant decided to move to spacious new digs up the street at 1512 Sebastopol Ave. (in case you were wondering), and property owner Don Kocalis brought in Don Pedros, which he hoped to open relatively quickly. Unfortunately, he got mired in four months of unexpected city permitting issues and $100,000 in renovations and upgrades. Meanwhile, Kocalis was working on a another project on his property just to the west, planning a three-story Art Deco office building to get under construction in October.  Kocalis points out that when it comes to red tape, things seemed to move a bit more smoothly with his ambitious office building than with the little corner taqueria.

But that’s all mole under the enchilada now.

What’s left to prove is whether Don Pedro’s can live up to the popularity of Pepe’s. Diving into a super burrito the size of a small child in my burning hands, I’d say they’re off to a solid start.

Don Pedro’s, 2000 Sebastopol Rd, Santa Rosa

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  1. I don’t think they’re in business anymore. Been closed for a while. There is other places better than this restaurant down Sebastopol Rd. Good location, but I think Pepe’s fans felt compelled not to visit because they got kicked out. Grilled chicken was good, tacos…ok I guess.

  2. Not consistant enough for me, the second time I went there I ordered exactly the same meal as the first time but they charged me $6 more I was sure there had been a mistake so I repeated my order and she assured me that was charging me correctly so I get my food and they made my food with flour tortillas instead of corn tortillas and the wrong meat and the cream and guacamole when I asked to have nothing on top, Ikeep in mind this was not hectic lunch hour there was one other patron and there was no language barrier, I speak Spanish, and when I tried to tell the employees about the errors they were way to busy talking to each other, I will never return

  3. Tried a “Biggest in World’Don Pedro’ burrito with diablo shrimp.Heaven for two days.My brother had Chile Relleno.He said best he ever had.Don Pedro huge improvement over old tenant Pepe’s.Prices about 3 dollars less.Food 10 times better.!

  4. Shrimp fajitas tasted like the shrimp was cooked in a cup of NM chili powder. No subtlety.

    And worst of all to us was the lack of diced onions or cilantro or fresh limes in the salsa counter.

    A 3 on the scale of 5. There is better Mexican food elsewhere in Santa Rosa.

  5. Mark,I’m a Don Pedros fan.Breakfast Crowd is not arriving early so breakfast commences at 9:00 Am until people show support.(I checked with them),Then Breakfast American and Mexican will start @ &7:00 AM.Suggest6you and others go at 9:00 Am and request earlier hours.BTW Omelettes are to die for! If you can wait till 9:00AM.

  6. So much for their breakfast…Cruised by at 8:05 this morning and they were closed. And the sign that WAS on the front is gone and now on the side where you can’t see it. I really wanna give this place a try but there’s some weird stuff goin’ on.

  7. Tried PEDROS “Don Pedros” burrito.The cost was about $1 more than their Super Burrito.The sign inside said Biggest Burrito in World. I’ve been eating it for 2 days.Thks for tip Heather

  8. Tried Don Pedros grilled chicken Burrito yesterday. My brother had Chile relleno platter.Mine was scrumptious! Rice was great. His relleno fresh not canned chile,he loved it and ordered another for take-out.First trip back since change from pepes.Huge difference,much better food and ambience.We tried pepe’s once after they moved,food was horrible.Keep it up Don Pedro!

  9. Don Pedros is at Corner Stony Point & Sebastopol rd. In front of Rite-aid

  10. Sorry, I’m a ding dong. Sebastopol Road.

  11. Great update! Can’t wait to try out the new locale for Pepe’s and now the new Don Pedro’s!!

    And may I add a FYI to GPS-assisted patrons: Both these restaurants are on Sebastopol *Road*, not Avenue.

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