Duck Dynasty Wines? Yup.

Friday, December 6th, 2013

pink_moscatoWe couldn’t leave this one alone: Apparently the Duck Dynasty now has a wine label. The reality television show, which features the foibles and follies of a group of camo-wearing, beard-sporting good ‘ol boys from Louisiana, has spun-off hundreds of products (from cookbooks and faith literature to T-shirts and “duck” tape) was apparently a natch for a line of wines from Trinchero Family Estates (based in Napa).

On the Duck Commander wine roster:  Wood Duck Chardonnay (rich tropical fruit aromas, creamy finish), Triple Threat Red Blend (jam like fruit) and of course, Miss Priss Pink Moscato (white peaches, honeysuckle). They’ll be in stores just in time for holiday giving. Imagine that.

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  1. Wow. Really? It just can’t be funny at face value?

    The thing that I actually kind of love is how smart these guys are. They’re playing the whole redneck thing for all its worth, in the vein of Larry the Cable Guy, et al. I love that they’re cashing in on something that resonates with so many Americans both as “red blooded” and as irony.

    It is funny that they’re making wine as Duck Dynasty. Seems like Moonshine would fit the brand better, that’s all.

  2. Yeah…cause that’s all that matters anymore these days…if you have tons of money. Great argument. Some of us would still rather have dignity over money than be like this redneck trash. Not that that matters anymore in today’s world…the ends always justify the means. Bring on the Zombie Apocalypse.

  3. Is it the faith based that bothers you, or the fact that they have millions while you have……what?

  4. It’s not nearly as fun to mock local wines.

  5. Really? This is news. Its a $10 wine with a California Appellation only sold at Wal-Mart. How about a story about the creative things happening in the Sonoma wine business?

  6. I’m sure it has subtle notes of white trash to it. Perfect for when you want to get your sister nice and drunk before you make your move.

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