Eight Cuisine and Wine, Sebastopol

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Get out your chopsticks because not one, not two, but three new Asian eateries have opened in the last month.  In Sebastopol, Eight Cuisine and Wine (7501 Healdsburg Ave., Sebastopol, 823-8189), it’s a geographically-inspired menu spanning the eight culinary regions of China — from spicy Szechuan and Hunan styles to Cantonese dim sum and lesser-known Northern Chinese culinary traditions.

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It’s a, well, Chinese menu of dishes, ranging from cream cheese wontons and minced chicken lettuce cups to sizzling rice soup, steamed dumplings, sweet sour pork and wok classics like Mongolian beef, mu shu, walnut prawns (natch) and Kung Pao chicken. Not enough to choose from? A number of dishes take a quick trip South to street-food inspired flavors of Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore with crowd-pleasers like fresh spring rolls, fried prawns, pad thai and spicy laska soup. Expect an upscale, but affordable experience in the new, eco-friendly space owned by the Sushi Tozai folks. http://www.eightcuisineandwine.com/

Nearby, Formosa Bistro (799 Gravenstein Hwy. South, Sebastopol, 823-6688) has replaced Tosaki Sushi, offering a massive menu of sushi, along with teriyaki, spring rolls, sweet sour pork and curry beef and dozens of other Asian entrees. One has to wonder how one kitchen can do it all. Lunch specials from 11:30a.m. to 3p.m. weekdays. In Santa Rosa, O Sushi! has opened in the heart of Roseland (433 Dutton Ave., Suite 2, 544-1799) in a revolving space that’s seen its share of culinary concepts come and go (Laotian, Indian, Ice Cream). It’s solid “strip mall” sushi, what most folks refer to as “utility sushi” for when the craving can’t be denied, but your wallet’s a bit thin.



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  1. @sebtown girl: Thanks for the compliments! We really take pride in the food we offer! Even though the restaurant is new, the owner is not new to the business of running terrific restaurants! The owner Yu-shi (my aunt actually) has opened 5 restaurants in the last 25 years and this is her 6th! Please visit our website formosabistro.com for the full menu, when you can pre-order for the next time your large group comes in again!

  2. Interesting, Captain. Before dining: Eight. After dining: Ate.

  3. Tried Formosa’s twice, once on my own and the second time as a large office lunch order. Their walnut prawns are spectacular and everything has a real freshness to it. The chinese food doesn’t taste like the pre-packaged crap most chinese food places serve (imagine a sweet and sour sauce that is NOT a bright red gelatinous goo!). The fried items don’t taste greasy and aren’t overcooked. The staff was spot on with the large order which I had been nervous about because they were new. The prices are so much better than any other chinese food spot in Sebastopol so the great taste and high quality made for a triple bonus. Haven’t tried the sushi yet but hope to soon!

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