Fabiani’s (which was Franco’s) reopening

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Franco’s Ristorante, which went dark earlier this year, is reopening as Fabiani’s on Saturday, August 18, 2012. The menu and vibe will be familiar — not much has changed — but the restaurant will now make better use of its outdoor patio, adding live music. “We didn’t want to chance what worked,” says new partner, Durelle Finster. “It’s like a little Mediterranean villa,” she added. They’ll host the grand opening at 3pm on Saturday with wineries Seghesio, Sunce and Kaz doing wine tastings, an hors d’oeuvres menu and radio station KRSH onsite. Dinner and music lasts until 9:30pm. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner daily. 505 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa.

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  1. The food doesn’t suck! And the owners aren’t sleezoids! I have known the owners for years, been enjoying their food since I was in Jr, High School. Yes they did have problems and yes he has taken on new partners, and I wish Fabiani’s all the luck in the world because that is where I had my graduation dinner from college. You know when he had the place near Memorial Hospital on Montgomery Drive. But then again most people think Italian food is the Olive Garden or Chef Boy Ardee!

  2. Beautiful place. Too bad the food sucks.

  3. Amazing wood fired pizza with great atmosphere.

  4. Sally Sue is correct! Businesses which are owned by sleezos do this all the time.
    Try going after them in court and they hide behind all sorts of tricks, especially if its in small claims court.
    I’ve seen a packaging company in Heladsburg constantly re-open under new names all the while being sued in small claims court. People without lawyers then are convinced by the owners that they have not
    funds and are cajopled into written agreements “promising” payment ASAP……….

  5. Meatball Panini is amazing! Glad they’re back!

  6. Love the food, wine and ambiance at this place. Can’t wait to get over there and see the upgrades.

  7. You just name the restaurant something different to escape your creditors!

  8. How do you file bankruptsy and 6 months later open the same restaurant again. I won’t be eating there.

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