Fair Food Scramble 2012

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Winners have been notified.

You know the drill by now…it’s the Fair Food Scramble Contest in which BiteClub takes six lucky winners (consider yourself a sort of Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, etc.) tothe Sonoma County Fairscramble for all the delicious goodness that our midway can offer.


From Pasta King to turkey legs, corn dogs, barbecue and beyond, we’ll snatch up whatever goodies we can find, bring it all back to our special reserve tables and feast like the true epicures we really are. (See pix of last year’s scramble) You should see the looks of wanton jealousy we attract.

So how do you get to participate?
This year’s a little different. I’m looking to create an A-Team of Awesomeness…You need to fit at least one of these jobs…

The Runners: At least two of you will be lighting quick and nimble on your feet. You’re gonna be tapped to be the speed on the team, because we need to cover as much ground as possible, as fast as possible. You will be expected to run, jump, leap and generally help The Scramblers with procurement. Age isn’t an issue if your Jazzy is fast. But plan to be worked hard.

The Investigator: You’ve got a mind of steel and a stomach to match. You’re going to make sure we’ve hit all the hot spots. You’ve impressed me with your knowledge of the food vendors, what we should order and you’ll keep the checklist to make sure we’ve got eaten everything we’ve planned to eat.

– The Chef/Foodie: You are a hardcore lover of food, and you know your stuff. You’ll help guide the group into making some decisions about what is good, what is great, and what is flipping unbelievable!

– The Alternative Eater: We want someone who will check out the stuff the rest of us will refuse. You’re looking for gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and (gasp!) healthy options. But you’re also not going to be judging the rest of us for pigging out on meat, bacon and fried goodness. In fact, you ‘ll probably join us.

The Lemonader: Sorry, but this is an alcohol-free Scramble. However, we always forget to check out the beverages and desserts. You’re on top of this aspect, Scrambling to find the best lemonade and ice cream.

Other members of the team (already chosen)
– The Vet: Mike from 2011 will serve as our trusty old-timer.
– The Queen: Yeah, that’s me.

Leave your thoughts below, and SIX winners will be selected on MONDAY, July 23 at 5PM) . You’ll get the details on our funtabulous food fest, but make sure you can be available around 12:30 to about 2PM on WEDNESDAY, JULY 25. (I’ll call your boss if you need me to. Cause dang it, this is really more important that whatever you’re doing at work.)

You also need to be fun and willing to share you food. Otherwise, we’ll make you sit alone. No whiners. No changies. No dramarama. Or again, we make you sit alone and make fun of you.

Make sure you leave a good email address when you post, cause I’ll be alerting folks around after 5pm Monday, and i’ll need to hear from you by 11am TUESDAY or we move on. Life moves fast, baby.

Good luck! (full rules)

Author: biteclub

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  1. Dang, How did I miss this? As someone who practically grew up at the Sonoma fairgrounds, this sort of thing is in my blood. I could easily have filled any position! Keep me in mind for next year, unless an opening comes up this year.

  2. I was in SF last week and started to look for wherever Eric Lee might be working. After watching you on The Next Food Network Star, I knew you were rhe best cook there and someone would snap you up. So Eric did Bobby Flay hire you yet?

  3. Heather, I’m the girl for the foodie position. I try every restaurant that opens, watch Food Network religiously and study up on every new trend. I have no problem tasting, commenting, comparing and then going back to the tasting part.

    Additonally, we all know how fatty, luscious and bad for you fair food is. My daytime job as a paramedic makes me the perfect person to handle any fair food induced cardiac or choking situations that arises.

    I’m your girl!

  4. I believe I should return as the real veteran Food Scrambler. I was on the very First team in 2009, and quite frankly the selections the last couple of years have just not lived up to our stellar picks…Posole, Gyros and Turkey Legs, and we actually had some healthy selections. So, back to the future and bring back some cred to the meal for the many. Besides, anyone who would put themselves into one catagory can’t be a real Master of the Midway!

  5. I’m the man for the job.
    I am quick on my feet and can retireve pasta, tri-tip sandwiches, gyro’s, funnel cakes, and deep fried twinkies in a flash. I also would make a great lemonader- I will retrieve lemonade, horchata and other refreshments in no time at all. While I am not the largest of men, I will be sure to pack it in that day in the name of fair food aficionado. Though they are young, I can see it in my twin children that I am raising a new generations of fair food junkies. If you are ever at a ball, game, fair or concert, I can surely be found in the concession area.

    And by the way- your returning judge Mikey will gladly try out the rest of the unhealthy foods the rest of us won’t (I witnessed him put away three pickled eggs from a local dive bar)

  6. The Runners:
    I have run six marathons and my buddy’s run three.
    Choose us and we’ll be the fastest at the fair, you will see.
    We are nimble and quick, and can sprint right past the rest.
    You will see that for this “Runner” job, we clearly are best.

    We are veterans of the Scramble, as we joined you last year.
    We ate that peanut butter/jelly hot dog with smiles and good cheer.
    We will eat just about anything, and you know that’s true…
    So choose us so we can be Fair Foodies, too!

    Lara and Danielle

  7. Pick me! Pick me!

    My friends have dubbed me “The Junk Food Aficionado” and the Fair is my promised land.

    Having lived all over the US and traveled to far flung locales, my taste buds have been tempted and tested by some of the best…and the worst. I will have no fear and will bravely put my stomach on the line for the good of all future Fair fans.

    Select me as your Runner and I will quickly deliver all delectable delights…and the other stuff.

  8. Hi Heather,
    I would like to apply for one of the The Chef/Foodie positions. As a 2 year Food Fair Scramble Alumni I believe I have the skill set to help make this the best Scramble ever and will prove it if given the chance. Thank you for your consideration.

  9. Look no further, I’m your investigator! In my 28 years I have never missed a Sonoma County Fair. I worked parking at the fair for several years as a teenager. My husband dreads me going to the fair because he knows there’s a good chance I’ll bankrupt us with all the money I spend on food! Every year I eat my way through the fair! I feel it’s a must to walk through the entire grounds, make a plan, and then enjoy! I’ll do my research, make sure we hit all the necessities, discover the great new additions, and I’ll keep track of it all in a fun way (as an elementary school teacher I’m great with that stuff)!

  10. I am ready for the challenge-
    I have always had a love for concession food- from mid-ways to ballgames, amusement parks, taco trucks and everything in between. A lifelong Sonoma County resident, I am familiar with some of the local flair. I am the father of twin toddlers, and even at their young age, I can see they take after their dad. I am fast on my feet and feel that I would be most suited for a runner or lemonader position. I can already taste the pasta king, gyro’s, bbq sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, deep fried twinkies and horchata.

    And by the way…I think your vet Mike can fill in as the alternative eater- I’ve witnessed him put away three pickled eggs from a Petaluma dive bar. I think he”d east just about anything.

  11. Alternative eater am I. I love healthy, fresh food. I’m gluten free myself, love to find creative ways to cook tofu but also love bacon. Cooking it, eating it, researching recipes and sharing food, I’m thrilled when I bake a gluten free goodie and my friends or family members (who are not gluten free) rave about how delicious it is. I like the challenge of cooking vegan or vegetarian or dairy-free for my friends who have those restrictions. It just makes the creativity more rewarding. I’ll bet I can find some healthy & delicious choices at our own Sonoma County Fair. I’m a longtime resident of the County, proud & glad to live here. You’ve heard of a “food desert”, right? Our county has got to be a “food paradise” with all our wonderful local produce, milk, artisanal cheeses, pastured eggs, fish, & baked goods.

  12. Would love to be your Lemonader! I’m a CIA Baking and Pastry graduate and baker; I love food, I love the fair, and I’m a very adventurous eater: I’ll eat anything from pig’s heart to corn ice cream! (Plus I’m off on Wednesday 😉 )

  13. I throw my hat in for a runner position…

    While I am not the fastest on the track, I bob and weave through a crowd like no one else. Grab my hand and I’ll drag even the slowest walker through without nudging the masses. And I always say, “excuse me” as I sneak through the cracks.

  14. FOODIE – I have to put my husband in the running. He has a great “appetite” for food adventures. When we go to the fair, it’s for the food, it’s serious business. You want him on your panel, you NEED him on your panel! It’s a match made in heaven for you and him.

  15. ahhhh yes…finally a way to test the true palette of Sonoma County. This is what most people eat on daily basis….but tell me about the sugar “infused” ten dollar popcorn ball because i’m dying to hear the reviews.

  16. Not only did Bobby Flay say that I was the best cook EVER on Food Network Star, but I LOVE the Fair AND Fair Food. Corn Dog, you’re my hero. In addition to having the keenest of palettes, I also have a bottomless pit of a stomach that doesn’t have an off switch. I am you’re man. PLEASE pick me!!!

  17. I have been a Sonoma County Fair goer for years. I remember on Kids day I entered the pie eating contest and the watermelon eating contest back in the 60’s when long watermelon had seeds. I also worked at the fair in Special Events in the past. That means I know the area. We had 5 children in our family growing up so we always shared. (Unless you were fast before my brothers.) I would be fair and honest in judging the food.

    I wouldn’t lie.

    Besides, Wednesday is my day off. I am a mailman and I would walk off the food.

  18. I believe that I am qualified for several positions on the Fair Food Scramble team, but most qualified for the Investigator position. I am very detail oriented and would have no problem overseeing the checklist. I have a knack for selecting the best items on restaurant menus and am confident that I could locate the most delectable items at the Fair. My background is in natural foods retailing, plus I am a retired organic farmer, so quality of ingredients is paramount in my analysis of a dish’s worthiness. Besides, it sounds like FUN!

  19. I hear there are a few new food venders this year. One of them being the Sonoran Hot Dog. It’s a bacon wrapped hot dog on a yummy bun made especially for this dog. It’s got pinto beans on it, grilled onions and a slice of grilled jalapeño. It’s topped off with a jalapeño mayo and mustard. I can hardly wait to try it!! Count me in for any of the catagories, except the healthy stuff. I come to the fair to eat the things you only see once a year!

  20. great Kathy. You are welcome to send any details for consideration by the judges to me: heather@biteclubeats.com.

    I also accept whipped cream in lieu of cash bribes.

  21. Um, actually I’m not. My boss is coming. :)
    But are you offering? We might just consider you.

  22. sign me up for foodie OR alternative eater :) i am a young mom of two beautiful little girls and we are super health conscious and i am a FOODIE!!!! i eat sleep breathe FOOD!!!! i would love to do this with my 4 year old as she has an adventurous palate and is quite the little gardener and veggie lover! Pick us Pick us!!!! thanks so much for the opportunity!

  23. Vegan I’m not. Foodie and Investigator though- oh hell yes. And I might even share my food as well (Willi Bird Turkey Leg though could be questionable). I’ll also make a not-so-conservative effort to steer our group far away from any “healthy” food options… This is the fair right? Where corn on the cob comes marinated and doused in buttery elixirs and fruits are sprinkled on top of fried cakes with diabetes inducing amounts of sugar on top. Searching out healthy fair food is like someone going to the Monster Truck races looking for wine coolers… Count me out for that role.

    That being said- I cook anything, eat everything and I’m fun to boot. Plus, being a veteran of fair fare (yep, I just said that), I know where some good noshes are hiding. I’m your Scrambler and future A-Team Member of Awesomeness!

  24. I will exclude myself from asking to be a judge since my husband is running a consession at the fair which I hope you are able to sample. It’s called San Francisco Crepe Company. You can’t miss it. It’s a large replica of a Cable Car. Who doesn’t like a warm nutella strawberry crepe?

  25. I’m applying for Alternative Eater!
    I’ve had over half a decade of vegetarian and vegan life, and have lived mostly gluten free for over 3 years.
    I mainly steer myself to the alternative and healthier options, but I also do cave to the occasional hankering for a funnel cake!
    I’m also a prevalent Yelper, and have a seriously disturbing passion for food.
    Here’s something I composed:

    To Eat For Your Health:
    Produce, Local and Luscious?
    Gimme That Corn Dog

  26. Applying for RUNNER!

    I’ve got the FASTEST Jazzy around…
    FASTER than a speeding bullet…
    QUICK as you can blink your eye…
    You’ll get your fair food while it’s still hot off the grill…
    Ice cream before it starts to melt!
    My Nike’s will be burning up the pavement if you pick ME!!

  27. I would love to be the foodie or the lemonader. I love dessert and like Gala said I plan my vacation around what is new in Sonoma County and what I can try. Also I usually take your advice on what is good to try. Most of all I love desserts thats why I have a chubby tummy! LOL

  28. I would love to be the foodie or the lemonader. I love dessert and like Gala said I plan my vacation around what is new in Sonoma County and whta I can try. Also I usually take your advice on what is good to try. Most of all I love desserts thats why I have a chubby tummy! LOL

  29. I am a veteran Investigator of Sonoma County Fair food for over 40 years and love new challenges as well as old fashion favorites like Clover ice cream, especially if it’s dipped in hot fudge with nuts or over a nice funnel cake. I could be your Alternative eater as I have several friends that suffer those disabilities and I am familiar with some of the cuisine…if you could call it that. I’ll try anything once and love fresh local entries the most. I have been Chef/Foodie over 40 years although I am sure you can find people who have made it their profession…for me it’s only a passion. It tickles me pink to see a new generation appreciate dining. Yes, who you eat with is just as important as what you eat. Pleasant company makes for better digestion.

  30. You’re missing one type of team member:

    The Trump (aka The Benefactor) – the one who is paying for everything.

  31. The Sonoma County Fair Fair is a pastime (it was my family’s summer vacation from Humboldt County every year growing up) for me but it has become a staple since I have moved to Sonoma County. Being in the industry (work just up the road at the Sonoma-Marin Fair) I feel I have an advantage knowing the food vendors quite well. I definitely know my way around the SCF and would even plot a map for our “runners” for the best and efficient route to food excellence. I can also always be found making checklists, dotting my “i’s” and crossing my “t’s”.

    Not only am I familiar with the operation aspect of Fairs and feel I definitely have the Foodie part down to a pack as well. I can be found every Sunday at the Marin Civic Center Farmer’s Market selling produce to local chefs and patrons. Here I have developed some strong ties with Chefs and other vendors and know exactly who has the best products and what times of year items are at their peak!

    Most importantly I am so excited that the SOFT TACOS are back for 2012!! See you at the Fair!

  32. I would LOVE to be your rockstar “alternative” foodie!! I am a mostly vegetarian, very selective eater – occassionally have chicken or a bite of filet mignon, but not too often. I like to say I’m not picky, I just have definitive taste buds and know what I like!

    I am also a lemonade and ice cream fiend, so I can help there too. I would even bring my (as my husband likes to call it) “55 gallon drum of lemonade goodness” that I got at the fair last year to satisfy my lemonade cravings. Besides that, I’m pregnant, and you know how much pregnant women like their ice cream sweets!

    Please pick me to be part of your sweet scramble crew, and my taste buds and I won’t let you down =)

  33. Ok, I think I should get picked because I fit into a bunch of the categories!

    – Runner – I’m no the actual fastest person you have ever met, but I’m pretty light on my feet, and for the right food, I will scramble my tushie off!

    – The Investigator: I am all check lists all the time. I just started a list in my head of places we should go, and I’m ready to commit it to paper.

    – The Chef/Foodie: Used to cook for a living, and I think you know I’m a hardcore foodie. I plan my vacations around food and I am will to eat everything from fine dining to funnel cake!

    – The Alternative Eater: I love meat, but I also love veggies!!

    Pick me and I will bring an empty stomach, open mind, and will help make it an awesome fun day!

  34. I would make either a good Foodie, or Investigator. While I am not a professional chef, I work with a lot of them, and I get to eat their food. I am a hardcore lover of food, and make my living telling the world about it, and the people who make it. I am on top of food trends and what’s “hot”, as well as just plain good food. From Apple Pie (Mom’s of course) to deep fried zucchini, and all of the tasty treats in between (like the excellent mini-doughnuts, made while you wait in the Grace Pavillion, and the new Sliders Gastro Pub in the racing grandstand), I would help make a “must eat” list, and keep the group on track.

    Plus I’m a lot of fun! Pick me!

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