Five Guys opens Valentine’s Day

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Fulfilling your most romantic hopes and dreams all-beef patty style, Five Guys Burgers and Fries will open in Santa Rosa on February 14 at 11am. Located in the Mendocino Marketplce (2280 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, 528-2507), the Virginia-based burgery has the same kind of fanatical fast-food following as In-N-Out and is an Obama favorite.

Local operator Craig Gallagher said they’re hoping for one of the biggest openings ever for the chain, and expects “a lot of people.”

Don’t expect any Valentine specials, other than a few shared napkins between you and your honey. The restaurant isn’t planning any gimmicks other than serving up their signature burgers.

Will parking become a nightmare? Gallagher said that starting this week SRJC students using the Mendocino Marketplace lot as long term parking will need to look for alternative spots. Property staff will begin monitoring the lot for illegal parkers starting Thursday — hopefully freeing up spaces for burger-eaters.

Author: biteclub

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  1. Well then ‘Allez Cuisine’!

  2. wow! thanks joe! I’ll have to tell mr. jason what you said!

  3. Heather, At 71 I have been there, done that and had fun. It sounds like fun and I am pounding away as hard as I can having fun as long as I can.
    If you are interested in wild game I can bring you a few well taken care of samples.
    You also have the sexiest laugh I have ever heard. I hope your boyfriend has noticed.

  4. Hi,
    I am going to have major gum surgery soon and will have to be on soft food for 5 weeks.
    I love cheeseburgers/burgers and would love the chance to sink my teeth in a burger while I can still do that.


  5. This burger joint far surpasses the quality of in n out. Now I’m not a burger enthusiast but when I first tasted a five guys burger it was the best burger I have ever put in my mouth. Believe me once you take your first bite you will know exactly what I am taking about.

  6. The Cheesteak Shop is decent. They serve the cheesesteaks on real Amaroso rolls but my main gripe is that in order to get it “wit wiz”, they give u a small cup of it to put over the top. I wish they’d offer it the same way like they to at Geno’s or Pat’s.

  7. ugh here we go again with the Whine Country-Snobbyfoodie folks who can’t appreciate a fast food burger…Get over yourselves already! Hell, most of you guys probably moved to Sonoma County within the past few years and now consider yourselves to be “localvores”. I’m all for the slow food movement and such but give it a rest! In-N-Out is awesome, and I’m sure this place is awesome too. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. And save your snooty comments for your book club friends!

  8. Susan- Most people are in the to the “fun” and not into the “long” when it comes to life. There is ABSOLUTELY no guarantee that “not eating” at these kinds of place will increase your life span.

    Try everything your heart desires in moderation, if it make you happy then EAT IT. Happiness is much more powerful than a few empty calories and will have a far greater effect on your life span.


  9. PS. I feel like I always have to weigh in on this, and probably I shouldn’t. But, uh, I feel like most of us KNOW there are better burgers in the world. This is about fun. It’s about a new business opening. It’s about an everyday eatery that EVERYONE can afford and have an opinion about. So I say we all go pile into Five Guys, or whatever fun new thing comes along and enjoy ourselves!!

  10. Stay tuned BiteClubbers. I’ll be posting a contest tomorrow to win a chance to taste through the menu with me on Tuesday night (I’m actually going to be out of town on Monday for a romantic V-day extravaganza).

  11. Okay, I’ll contribute. The question isn’t whether or not Five Guys is better than In’n’Out is better than McDonald’s etc. They’re all down there in the food world. There is so much better hamburger out there to be eaten than what’s down there at those joints. Yeah, you’re going to have to pay for quality, but why not. Cheap should hurt somewhere. You can make delicious hamburgers at home that actually taste way better than the sodium burgers you drive-thru for, for not that much more cost. Not as convenient no, but not that much more cost for significantly way better burger. That said, the last time I had a drive-thru burger, it was In’n’Out. So there – bam!

  12. I agree about the parking lot there. Who was the idiot that designed it?

  13. In & Out is VILE. The “food” they serve is awful. I hope this new place is more like Big Boys Buns & Burgers, which is tasty, but too far from home to eat very often. I, too, would worry about parking. I already shun that shopping area because the parking lot is so badly designed. Even going to the Safeway is a hazard.

  14. Um, burp. Huh, more burgers in Sonoma County? Not trying to sound righteous, but hey, this is Sonoma County………I’m wondering how many more frigging burger joints do we need to take our $$$? Lean protein, and stuff that’s, like, from this area would do our region (and your fitness) good. Wanna live a long fun time? Odds are you’ll do that if you stay away from these kinds of places. LOL.

  15. If 5 Guys is half as popular as In n Out, the resulting parking hassles will really screw up business for Starbucks, the dry cleaners, and everybody else in that strip mall, not to mention those of us who frequent them.

  16. so do their prices. They are way more expensive then any chain.

  17. It’s hard to believe that Santa Rosa needs yet another hamburger joint.

  18. This is so exciting I forgot to wake up. Zzzzzzz….. Zzzzzzzzzz……

  19. Can I get it “protein style” like I can at In and Out?

  20. Not sure about a “good” one, but the Philly Cheesesteak place on Stonypoint and isn’t horrible.

  21. Enough with the burger places. I’d like to know where you can get a GOOD Philly cheesesteak. Now there’s an opportunity in town!

  22. Rena- You would be surprised how quickly the inside line moves at In-N-Out, it can be 10 people long and you’re served inside of 10 minutes. I have parked, ordered and eaten my meal in the same time the person in front of me GOT their food from the drive-thru! No Joke.

  23. Wow! These are the same guys from Virginia!? Thought it was just a weird coincidence. Used to go there when I lived in Virginia outside of DC. Welcome to NorCal 5 Guys and thanks for bringing some East Coast with you :)

  24. Unless they are taking liberties with the phrase “Halal” it refers to food that is permitted by Islamic laws.

  25. Oh and PS – yeah I was all ready to check out N n Out but so far have yet to find it with any fewer than cars lined up across the lot and sometimes even into the street……just can’t do the wait…..

  26. What’s a “halal” chicken breast, Cara?

  27. Have you had the Five Guys fries? Blows away In & Out.

  28. Being from SR, and now living in Philly. I have to say In-N-Out has nothing on Five Guys. You cant beat a Double Double Animal Style. I would choose In-N-Out over Five Guys anyday.

  29. Yeah I’m stoked for ike’s but it doesn’t seem to be making much progress.

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