Hard Hat Tour of Graton Casino and Resort

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  • Chef Martin Yan will open M.Y. China at the Graton Resort and Casino on Nov. 5
  • Chef Martin Yan will open M.Y. China at the Graton Resort and Casino on Nov. 5. Here he points to the open wok station
  • Chef Douglas Keene will open a wing and pickle eatery at the Marketplace at the Graton Resort and Casino on Nov. 5
  • Skylights over the bar at the Graton Resort and Casino
  • G Bar, a sports themed bar with 36 big screens at the Graton Resort and Casino on Nov. 5
  • A view of the pizza ovens at Tony Gemignani's Pizzeria
  • A sculptural, yet functional piece of art delivers ice to the bar from the ceiling at the Graton Resort and Casino
  • Habit Burger in the marketplace the Graton Resort and Casino
  • An open skylight above the Graton Resort and Casino
  • Yup, one needs caffeine for all the eating to be done.
  • A sexy smoker for Roadside BBQ at the Graton Resort and Casino
  • Even tables get special touches at the Graton Resort and Casino
  • Three Twins ice cream from Petaluma will be scooping
  • The slots are already lit
  • Still under construction, 630 Park with a backlit marble bar
  • MY China celiings

More deets on the upcoming Graton Resort and Casino restaurants: Hard hats aren’t exactly my thing (I mean really, the hair, people) but it was worth suffering a little hat head for a construction tour of the 12 restaurants opening in early November in Rohnert Park. Chef Martin Yan of M.Y. China and countless television cooking shows was touring his 250-seat restaurant on Thursday, which features a completely open kitchen, noodle bar and wok station (you can sit just inches from the action) and will showcase “noodle dancing”, wherein chefs, um, dance with some 75 feet of hand-pulled Chinese noodles on the dining room floor. “It’s theater, it’s like fireworks every day!” said Yan.

“We are bringing 5000 years of Chinese culinary art…for the meal of a lifetime.” More details: Douglas Keene’s DK Wings will feature his take on the game day favorite, with some 30 sauces and Japanese pickled vegetables (noms!) in the Marketplace, which seats 500 and is open 24 hours.

No expense has been spared on the $825 million casino, with luxe touches everywhere including terrazzo floors, backlit marble bars, and a two story marble sculpture that drips ice into a bar at the center of the casino. “It’s like an adult Disneyland,” said tribal leader Greg Sarris. Families and children will be welcome in all the restaurants, with outside entrances (and free parking!) for each of the eateries.

Two surprises: Smoking will be allowed on the floor of the casino though none of the restaurants will allow it. Reps say there will be state of the art air filtration. Also, it may come as a shock (shock!) that the casino will not offer a buffet. Sorry, no $3 all-you-can-eat-prime rib. “This is not a place where food is just sitting out. We wanted something more interesting than a flat buffet,” said Sarris. Penny-pinchers take heart: The Marketplace offers plenty of lower-cost noshing.


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5 Responses

  1. Roman Ng November 4, 2013 at 8:22 am #

    No buffet? WTH? forget that. What casino has no buffet?

    And smoking is allowed in all the indian casino in CA. No surprise here.

  2. Marie October 11, 2013 at 6:39 pm #

    Yuck no healthy food choice just Chinese and who eats Food Court (Marketplace) burgers and BBQ. At least you can eat healthy at a buffet.

  3. Rayski October 7, 2013 at 6:57 am #

    Whether you like to gamble or not, the casino will be an amazing addition to Sonoma County. Restaurants, night clubs, banquet opportunities, JOBS! I cant wait to see it open.

  4. BRAD PIPAL October 5, 2013 at 12:01 am #

    Smoking will be allowed on the floor of the casino though none of the restaurants will allow it. They should allow open array inside too….Great place to win, draw or lose….Right?,,,Build more upper level colleges and provide professional jobs…Not service jobs added to Sonoma County….S.F.’s Market street has over 50 percent of attorneys upon the sidewalks…They were taught not service jobs but legal processing….

  5. mary October 4, 2013 at 11:05 am #

    Smoking???!!!!! Doesn’t the establishment care about people’s health?? Air filtration or not!!

    I guess, if they don’t care about their impact on our environment, crime and traffic,–what to say of that ugly monstrosity called a casino–why would they care about anybody’s health.

    We are talking about a blight to our community, in every way! This casino has to go!

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