Hooters in Rohnert Park?

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Rohnert Park correspondent Joelle Burnette reports that the town will consider an application from Hooters Restaurant to open at 6099 Redwood Drive.

Yes, you heard right. Hooters. Though the cheeky double entendre and skimpily clad Hooter Girls seem almost ridiculously tame after a decade of stripper chic and heroine fashion, there’s no doubt the restaurant will raise a few eyebrows. Uh, among other things.

Because really, who goes to Hooters for the food? Okay, the wings are kind of good admittedly. But the saucy chain hasn’t exactly made it’s reputation by offering family-friendly entertainment.

What’s surprising is that the chain recently went through significant contraction, closing dozens of restaurants primarily in the northeast and south due to ownership changes within the company. What’s not surprising is that Rohnert Park, along with the area around Coddingtown Mall in Santa Rosa are becoming increasingly chain-friendly despite years of Sonoma County actively discouraging ubiquitous national restaurants in favor of local eateries. BiteClub has heard rumors of several large national chains sniffing around.

And while more dining choices are always good, and growth is a sign that maybe — just maybe — the economy is getting better, it’s a devil’s bargain. Renowned for our farm-to-table restaurants, it would be a shame to become a giant strip mall dominated by Chevy’s, Macaroni Grill and the Cheesecake Factory. Local mom and pops just can’t compete.

Then again, since strip clubs are officially outlawed north of the Golden Gate, Hooters Girls and a basket of hot wings may be the most titillating show we’ve got in Wine Country. Not to mention…classy!

What’s your take?

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  1. remember Everybody’s Talking?? There was another one on SR ave, the name escapes me.. You may be right about blue noses.. people walking around with genitals under their clothing!! horrid!! shocking!!
    not happy unless others are unhappy!!!

  2. One would think that a large chain like Hooters would do some research on a particular location……..such as will it succeed? No judgement on what kind of city Rohnert Park may be, but they have a Hooters in SF Fishermens Wharf……..I’ve eaten at a couple Hooters, food was okay! I’ve eaten at little one-off mom and pop eateries that were frankly crappy, so chains aren’t all bad. If Hooters opens in RP, people have a choice……go in or not! If enough people don’t go in, they will close it………

  3. Hooters is what it is… If it brings jobs and money to the local economy great.If people like the place then they’ll stay in business, if not well C-Ya. Whats cool is we have a lot of amazing and diverse restaurants(with hot waitresses ;)) around here to chose from, so we’ll see if they survive.

  4. I can remember when the Stonehouse on Sonoma Hwy. and a couple of others on Santa Rosa Ave. were total nudy clubs. Of course that was in the 70s when Santa Rosa was a fun town before the moral and gestapo laws took effect and stopped all after work beer time and most everything else.

  5. agrees w/Lynn people from all over the county and other counties will come here.. just to see… think of the revenue the city will get and will save our resources here!

  6. I sure hope they do bring on the strip clubs and topless bars….why should we have to drive an hour to the city just to see some t*ts and a*s. Sam grow the f*ck up and make decisiond for yourself…and not others. We can make our own choices thank you very much. Besides….sex ans food are equally as natural as brathing air. Grow up!

  7. what is next strip club or maybe topless bars in RP! after all RP is the FRIENDLY CITY! WHAT A JAKE OF A CITY.

  8. If any women are planning to apply at Hooters, I will gladly prereview each woman in tank top and short shorts free of charge!

  9. I like your fonetic spelling of pseudo.

  10. There

  11. If ya’ don’t approve, just don’t go there…and as far as women worrying about their men: If you’re that concerned that it may cause him to stray, there are much deeper issues in your relationship!
    Hooters is a fun place with decent food, might bring some “Cotati Crawl” dollars to RP and to reiterate, they could sure use the $$$…

  12. I know some will roll their eyes, but when I lived in Vegas I went to Hooter’s and the wings were actually VERY good…Crispy, fresh fried and not too slathered in sauce. If you’re an insecure wife or girlfriend then trust me, you have bigger issues than a Hooter’s opening up around the corner. Not to mention your significant other isn’t probably the “catch” you think he is anyway to a 21 year old girl lol

  13. There has long been talk of Cheesecake Factory at Coddingtown. I’ve had a number of people tell me they did actually consider it, but didn’t ultimately commit. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a number of those kinds of restaurants show up in the next couple years as Coddingtown revamps and RP continues to grow. The corridor along 101 is fairly ripe for it.

  14. Well the unfortunate truth is that the marketing team from Hooters did a great job on finding a lot of their customers living in one city! Rohnet Park is not Wine country like some would like to believe. Its the city you drive through to get there. Rohnert Park is filled with fast food lovin people. So Hooters will be a upgrade from IN and Out and perfect for the 45 yr old “Man” “Dad” or “Volunteer Coach” to go out and make 20 year old food servers feel uncomfortable. Yes the truth hurts we have a Wal Mart why not a Hooters?

  15. I agree with you. The wages will be paid at minimum wage and there will be few real tax dollars from this fiasco.

    RP needs to abandon the idea of the casino and bring back tech jobs, which will create a real tax flow into RP. Then the city council can start to blow those tax dollars on an overpriced city hall and obscenely high benefits for city employees.

  16. How does adding another restaurant automatically add tax dollars? It’s not as though the population will have a fourth meal today just b/c it’s there – it simply displaces $$$ spent elsewhere.

  17. Hooters = Bad food taking up space where another chain might decide to occupy.
    How about California Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory or Macaroni Grill?

  18. head:desk

    That’s what I am feeling right now on this whole argument. See below.

    Anyway, thanks for keeping us up on the food happenings in Sonoma County.

  19. Agreed!!! I think it’s great. Who really cares…..it’s comparable to Applebee’s with the difference being the wait staff. Hooter’s can be a totally fun place if you want it to be….I’ve had lots of fun at many with my husband of 25 years (especially in Puerto Rico!).

    Honestly girls, you will never be able to stop a man from looking, etc. it just go’s back to the creation of man. You may be able to tame them, but no matter who you are or how beautiful you may be inside and out, they are going to look and be a man. As with men, women are women…and for whatever reason women feel threatened by other beautiful women which makes them insecure and jealous and then very ugly….which is too bad.

    Hooter’s is just another chain of sudo food that will bring in more jobs and tax revenue to support areas like public safety in RP. I think it’s great.

  20. Well said!

  21. What’s with all the discussion? Is it to confirm that the unemployment rate is way too high? Maybe they want to delve into the possible downsides of providing gainful employment to 20+ people? Or maybe they’re concerned about what a Hooters restaurant would do to RP’s upscale image.

  22. Have you ever been to a Hooters? These are regular girls with regular boobs. I’ve been to numerous Hooters restaurants from Daytona Beach to Dallas to Las Vegas and Temecula, and I’ve yet to run across a girl with plastic surgery. In fact, most of the girls have had small chests. Hooters come in all shapes and sizes, you know.

  23. Fake breasts and bad food no thanks! Really bad food at that. I was forced to go with some friends who said “Oh you’ll love it when you get there” NOT!

    I love to look at attractive women, but not ones in horrible outfits with way too much makeup on. It seems like almost all the women had fakies too, which just kinda makes me sick to my stomach. I couldn’t find 1 redeeming quality about Hooters, to each there own I guess. It must be the coporate loving sheeple, Coke\Bud drinking, sticker plastered-jacked-up truck driving, Ed Hardy\camo wearing types.

  24. Do you live in RP?? Do you know the situation of the finances here?? Don’t you think by them coming in will generate jobs and more cash flow to the city so that maybe they won’t have to lay off Fire & Police? Or do you even care about that?

    Who cares what the girls wear it’s not like they are top less. If parent’s don’t want to take the kids to Hooters than that is up to them. What’s the difference with what they wear, have you seen some of the shows on tv or at the movies I think some of those are worse that what the girls wear at Hooters.

  25. RP is really desperate for revenue it seems…

  26. Hooters ? Nice job of branding , you must admit.

  27. Perfect for Rohnert Park.

  28. The food is really bad, I don’t know why I keep going back there

  29. You know what I think is funny is most of the people that have a problem with men drooling over gorgeous women are either not attractive of insecure. Hooters is jobs, FREE UFC fights and Beer. You can go there and finally a place that you can drool over the waitress and your not looked down upon. If you don’t approve, then don’t eat there. I am tired of the eat local crowd trying to protect the overpriced sub par mom and pops. If they want to compete then have good, inexpensive food and a great atmosphere and you shouldn’t have a problem. Last Time i checked Rohnert Park is local…Local taxes…local workers etc…Im tired of the buy only local community trying to make my decisions of where i can shop and eat by voting against new stores or restaurants..If you want to vote, then vote with your dollars and don’t shop or eat there!

  30. Men Are Stupid . . . And They Like Big Boobs: A Woman’s Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery by Joan Rivers and Valerie Frankel

  31. If it were not for Hooters than where would all the attractive uneducated women go after high school? I mean, where would athetes, lawyers, doctor and or celebrities go to find their next trophy wife?
    I’m sure the majority of people against this move are primarily women but lets face it, if the food was out of this world would it matter what they were wearing?
    I have had their wings and they are pretty tasty although I prefer something a little more low key, like a place where I’m aloud to look at the waitresses without being crucified by my lady.

  32. You are too funny Heather!!

  33. Ed hardy shirts and flat brim baseball caps are just an attempt at being an individual because it’s just so hard to be an individual these days…

  34. I think its great. Although i think the shorts are dated ( they could wear more current styles ) The fact another sports bar is coming to the area is great. They also show UFC fights for FREE! I agree the food is subpar but hey its tax $$ and another option for a place to go hang with your bros.

  35. Um, not to be mean, but have you been to a bar in Santa Rosa lately? Add some Ed Hardy Tshirts and flat-brimmed baseball caps and you’ve pretty much described Friday night.

  36. This will provide much needed jobs, sales tax revenue, and yet another place for out-of-shape bubbas and ripped bros to down pitchers of Bud Light while trying out their whip smart humor and pick-up lines on rapt and willing wannabe Nascar models. Can’t wait.

    Thank god that it’s not coming to Santa Rosa.

  37. Hmmmm, Obviously the scenery would be nice at Hooters, but the food is aweful. Then again, who goes there for the food? Heather, I think you would look great in Orange Shorts!

  38. Hurray! I love Hooters! Their hot wings are fabulous… Anytime a business comes in it creates new jobs and revenue for the City. As for the uniforms, come on folks… you see teenage girls walking around every day wearing less than that. It’s a tank top and booty shorts. Not that big a deal. If you don’t want your daughters around it, don’t take them there.

  39. I find the whole thing both horrifying and kind of fascinating. Like a car crash. Or Dancing With the Stars.

  40. Ugggghhhhh… there is no accounting for taste, I guess. It’s always interesting to see the very vocal divide between those that want the national chains to come in and those that don’t. Personally, if I want wings, I’m going to T.A.P.S. in Petaluma. I just can’t get behind the national chains, but I understand that a lot of people love those types of places and it’s not my job to be the food police.

    It is problematic from the perspective that mom & pops can’t always compete against big chains. However, I think the local ethos is so strong in Sonoma County, and that there are enough of us who believe in small businesses and local eateries, that mom and pops WILL survive and we can all coexist. (Gosh, put that on a Hallmark card!)

    The real problem I have is that Hooters contributes to a society in which the value of women is based on their looks and not on their knowlege, thoughts or abilities. This just reinforces that a woman’s primary value is superficial. You can talk all you want about giving women jobs and choosing choices, etc., but ultimately it’s all about a woman’s appearance.

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