It’s Beginning to Taste Like Fall

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Smells just like mom used to make

Smells just like mom used to make

Have you had your first pumpkin latte of the season? Given serious thought to buying a few cans of cranberry sauce or secretly stashed a few bags of Halloween candy in the pantry (which we all know can’t possibly last until the end of October)?

It’s the most delicious time of year, when comfort foods make their return, pumpkin is king, and all things cinnamon and clove come back to the shelves.

BiteClub’s sussed out a few of the early entrants to the fall culinary lineup.

– Local bakery Sift Cupcake and Dessert Bar ( is offering Pumpkin Bourbon macarons through Nov. 30.

– At Target, you can find candy corn flavored Oreos, candy corn pretzels, and candy corn and apple caramel flavored Jones Sodas.

– We found the much-lauded Crunchy Cookie Butter, a smooth spread made with crushed gingerbread and, well, a whole lot of other yumminess. It’s delish right out of the jar, but you can also add it to cookie or cheesecake recipes, make a killer milkshake with a little Nutella. Grab it while it lasts at Trader Joe’s.

– Want the smell of Thanksgiving without all that pesky cooking? Yankee Candle (recently opened at the downtown Santa Rosa Plaza) is offering up a feast of scents with a holiday collection that includes Turkey and Stuffing (think sage, butter and roasting meat), cranberry sauce, pumpkin and sweet potato pie. On the plus side, no calories! On the minus, no leftovers.

What’s your favorite flavor of fall?

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  1. argh. i wanted to go with you bird!
    soon. soon.

  2. New favorite: lamb with farro and figs at Canetti’s in Forestville!

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