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Wednesday, July 6th, 2011


JC and Brad of Kin Restaurant

JC and Brad of Kin Restaurant

Grab mom, dad, the kids, granny and the cousins because Kin has opened and all your family folk are welcome. Even Uncle Bernie.

Part of a third wave of wallet and family-friendly businesses moving into the Windsor Town Green, Kin is the kind of neighborhoody burger, beer, sandwich and pot roast eatery that Applebee’s dreams of someday becoming. Minus all the hokey schwag and microwaved food.

Fieri alums Brad Barmore and JC Adams, both restaurant biz dads wanted to create a place to take their kids that didn’t feel like, well, a place to take the kids. Armed with family recipes like Grandma’s beer-braised pot roast and Brad’s father-in law’s secret barbecue sauce (“It was harder to get that recipe than it was getting his daughter’s hand,” laughs Brad), the two launched the restaurant in late June.

And Windsor is already at the table, forks raised. On the menu: Roasted Pear and Brie Sandwich on Ciabbata ($8); a spicy take on the pastrami sandwich with thick-cut slices of meat, pickled jalaepeno, Swiss and garlic mustard aloe ($9); the Smokehouse pizza (marinated steak, caramelized onions and smoked Gouda with homemade BBQ Sauce, $12); and KIN Mac and Cheese, a creamy and nearly perfect mixture of macaroni, bacon, Fontina and bread crumbs ($8).

Don’t miss: KIN burger is a top 5 contender for BiteClub’s best burgers in SoCo. A rub of coffee and coriander spice mix grills up perfectly on the 8oz. coarse-ground beef, topped with smoked Gouda and homemade BBQ sauce it’s smokey perfection ($12). Dinosaur Bones are a signature, with two bronto-sized beef ribs beer braised and finished on the grill ($26).

Kids get their own mix and match three course menu (folded like a cootie-catcher) that includes “Gotta Eat Now!” first courses of salami and cheese, followed by a choice of mini pizzas, grilled cheese, chicken tenders, mac n’ cheese, and grilled chicken and ice cream for dessert. The whole thing sets mom and dad back a startlingly cheap $6.50. An outdoor patio makes for nice summer dining (and toddler-friendly family seating).

What’s a family gathering without a few suds? Kin has a hand-picked beer menu featuring rare offerings from Firestone Walker Brewing (Parabola), Smoked Porter from Stone Brewing, Cureux from Allagash Brewing along with everything from Coors Light to Red Rooster on tap.

So pull up a table, take a nibble off everyone’s plate, toast to your kin and pass dad the bill at the end. When you’re at Kin, you’re family.

Kin Restaurant, 740 McClelland Drive (former DePaoli’s), Windsor, 837-7546. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

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  1. Great addition to the Windsor Town Green!!! My husband and I have been to KIN twice and really enjoyed our experience both times. The first was on a warm summer’s eve on the patio with some friends, eating and drinking wine. The second was just a couple of weeks ago. On both occasions the food was delicious and the serving sizes were just right. The most recent visit we started by sharing a wedge salad. Wonderful! I had the Vaquero steak with the creamy scalloped potatoes and seasonal fresh vegies. YUM! My husband had the bourbon glazed pork chops and stated that he never know pork chops could taste so good! We like the ambiance and even when there are a lot of people in there you can still carry on a conversation without shouting. Service was maybe a little slow with the check at the end. It was pretty busy in there. So we took that as an opportunity to just relax, talk, laugh and enjoy or very satisfied feeling. Looking forward to trying those dinosaur bones and the mac and cheese. Both looked yummy!

  2. The best way to treat a menu is to change it based on what’s freshest, in season, from the docks, local…etc. Give the customer 5 choices based on said criteria. Change the menu on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Similar to what Zazu is doing. In my opinion, It’s not all about what the customer wants. It’s more about what I want to enlighten people with on that particular day. Sonoma county holds a true bounty of ingredients to be utilized and constructed with respect.

  3. sad steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevo, first you named yourself after a disgusting character on J***A**. Lets just say your whining about the hard working entrepreneurs continues to be off base, as I wish them only the best, and in fact was the reason for my post. In fact, I nearly dropped them my notes personally, though I figured it wouldnt help. I hope nothing for the best for these folks ( you apparently are a hater of the fine family Italian restaurant nearby , name escapes me). ps your monday morning goof was strange as it has nothing to do with the origin of the term. Food is always judged AFTER it is eaten, this may well be a MOnday morning.

    Again good luck to KIN and my best wishes, and only intent was to share a thought on one first impression.

  4. Glad I could help Bill. Thanks for changing your tone and recognizing the work of “well meaning, hard working entrepreneurs”. Let me know when you finally get your place opened, and I’ll be sure to come by and taste your hard work. Just make sure it’s “different” and “intriguing” enough. There’s always another “Bill” waiting to knock your efforts on a local comment forum. Ahhh, the life of a Monday morning wanna be food critic huh?

    Enjoy your pizza Bill…

  5. stevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve o, thanks for the excellent and well thought out advice, you simply repeated what I was saying, I wont be going there for a 60 dollar burger mac and pizza night with the kids, phew you saved me some money.

    The point was I will feel bad when these probably great well meaning hard working entrepreneurs go out of business, because they really dont offer anything new, no one said they have to be willis, but they should be DIFFERENT. ps there is a nice italian pizza place 2 doors down.

  6. Bill, did I miss something? Where did KIN profess to be a fine foodie destination to compete with the likes of Willi’s Raw Bar? And when did they ever claim to be “more innovative than burgers, pizza, and mac &cheese?” If you’re gonna be turned off by those choices than DON’T GO to a place that serves burgers, pizza, mac & cheese. And Bruno’s???? REALLY? I don’t know anything about the owners of KIN, but I’m pretty sure Bruno’s in SR was nowhere near their mind when they decided on the menu and space for KIN.

    Look – there’s enough room and money in this county for food of all kinds. If you have a problem with the QUALITY or TASTE of the burger, mac & cheese, etc that’s one thing. But complaining that they’re not of the Willi’s Raw Bar caliber (???) really does make you sound like a snob. And as someone who’s been called that more times than I can count, that’s what you sound like. If KIN’s not “intriguing enough” (gag) for you and your family, then don’t take them there. Everyone (including me) who grew up here has the same credentials as you – foodie, chef, shows, blah, blah , blah *yawn*

    Oh and one more thing… someone who praises the efforts of a new, local family owned business (especially in this economy) is not “smooching up”.

    Get over yourself Bill.

  7. Went there the other day and sadly was not impressed. When people give this place 5 stars I am surprised that means that there is nothing finer. For a better lunch I would go to Pattersons or KC’s. The prices were a tad high for what you got, and although a new venue, nothing that would bring me back there.
    As someone else mentioned, the place is boring with their menu choices. Service was trying real hard, but never refilled our Iced Tea, and the place wasn’t even full.
    I wish them luck, they need it!

  8. Snob ? good retort. Go for the personal dig. Nothing snobby about my desires, for a decent meal at a decent price that is a little more innovative then burgers pizza mac and cheese. I will take 98% of what I see on diners drive ins and dives over anything on the Kin Menu. Nothing new nothing unique nothing interesting. Im trying to give them a REAL impression, of a regular family oriented santa rosan. I eat at Johnny G’s Applebees , and even the occasional Carl Js, and love Round Table but if Im going out with my family it better be intriguing, not FEH. You can smooch up all you want, but your smooches will make them go out of business, while my suggestions would give them a fighting chance! Go ahead kill em with “kindness”. Give me one real DDD in this town!

  9. Get over yourself Bill. The food is good and the prices are good. The owners are really nice people with families trying to have a place that is a little upscale for adults but the kids are welcome. I think they are doing a great job. You sound like a food snob. We have enough snobs in Sonoma County.

  10. I walked by this place; My first impression was nothing new, nothing intriguing, nothing I would go out of my way to eat; also nothing that would smack of “fresh”. It looks a bit fancy (good) but the menu items dont (bad). The kid fare is total standard, chick, fingers etc. My kids 7/11 have grown out of this. Im a foodie, cook, restaurants, and shows. First impressions are everything and I saw NOTHING to draw me in. Ive had burgers, Ive had a thousands pizzas, Ive had a million braised beef ribs. As a comparison, Brunos on 4th in SR, is great, spot on with everything, this looks like a weak attempt to copy. But Brunos has fresh fish, shrimp and innovative fair.

    Why do I see a million shows on food tv, with amazing recipes and great fresh food, and cooks that can whip up tantalizing dishes in minutes out of nothing, and everything that opens up in sonoma county is bland boring over priced and never good from start to finish. Willis Raw Bar is the closest to good quality fresh innovative and tasty, and go figure ITS PACKED. Unless this menu changes its doooooooooooooooooomed. Swear to god, if someone wanted a kid friendly place make a shack, (a la shake shack in NY) have burgers and AMAZING FRIED CHICKEN, and make prices rrrrrrrrrrrreally good, and there will be lines out the dooooooooooooooor.

  11. Why, cause it didn’t come from a box?

  12. LOVED IT, very good, i’ll be back.

  13. Always smart to create a family friendly space in SoCo. This is a family-centric area, and If the kids dont’t have fun, the parents usually will not have fun either. The owners seem humble and earthy, I will have to try their new creation. I sure wish you would have included an image of the most intriguing menu item, the dinosaur bones. You’re still learning, it’s o.k.

  14. Tried it and loved it. The pizza is great and the sandwhichs were really good also. looking forward to trying it all. Kin is nothing like KC’s and will have no problems becoming your destination spot for lunch and dinner. Good Eats!!! Welcome to Windsor.

  15. That mac and cheese looks nasty….

  16. We just had dinner at KIN. While the service was slow, the food was great! If you have small children, be sure to watch them with the scalloped potatoes…they are HOT! (Temperature) I had the chicken and found it to be light and a lovely, with a wonderfully unusual taste…loved it! The grilled vegetables were nicely done, too. My husband had the salad wedge and said it was some of the best bleu cheese he had had in a long time. He kept it light with a sandwich on a cibatta roll…all done to his liking. We will go back. The restaurant is doing well for only being open a few weeks…we will return after they get the kinks worked out…As I said, the only thing was the slow service…the food is tasty and well prepared!

  17. I’m happy to have them in town. I was turned off by KC’s when a sandwich I ordered had a hair in it and so that it was even cut when the sandwich was sliced in half. The waitress proceeded to say it was my hair (that was in a ponytail) since it was the same color. I will let them work out the kinks as with Mamma Pig and can’t wait to try both. Good luck guys!

  18. I was really excited to try this place. I was a little disappointed. They messed up two of our orders (which could have just been the waitress) and my daughter’s chicken was cold. Not just cooled, but cold like they pulled it from the fridge and didn’t nuke it long enough. We did not receive any bread at our table and didn’t know it came with dinner until we noticed everyone else had bread (again the waitress, but hey, they hired her). Our appetizer took so long it came with our meal. The only upside was that they were very friendly and my husband loved his pork chops. I’m not sure that I see this place as competition for KC’s as Kin’s menu is VERY limited.

  19. Jill, agreed. Glad to see some new faces in town and some long needed competition for KC’s.

    When KC’s opened, it was decent, but it has been going downhill since then. The last time we were in was for their prime rib Friday. The service was terrible, though with a smile, but the meat was inedible. No plans to return. Really too bad; nice people.

    Looking forward to Kin.

  20. Good luck guys! As a fellow restaurateur I commend your spirit for new adventure and my only word of advice is spend a little extra for the best employees and they will in return allow you to live life without being constantly tied to the business. Keep it fresh.

  21. Probably since the rents are so high on the Town Green.

  22. Heather, I sure appreciate how you put the prices of the items you are talking about. Gives us a good idea of the place. Regaurding KC’s I think compitition is the best thing for everyone.

  23. There is no comparison between KC grill and Kin. I have been a supporter of KC Grill from the start and was really happy at the beginning. As time went on I became a non supporter due to quality. I have been at Kin 3 times since opening and can say that each visit has worked out the opening kinks. I think they have the recipe for success down now and are proving that they are a family place with quality and family pricing. Try their pizza which is sufficient for 2-3 pending your appetite. The salads are tasty and fresh and very sufficient for an entree with the great bread from a local vendor. The pot roast and Burger are a hit with the sweet potato fries ( or request the sweet potato tots) wrap it up with a local beer or wine and we have a great new hangout. Thank You Brad and JC for giving Windsor a wonderful family destination.

  24. Try KIN and you’ll be certain, there is NO comparison between these two restaurants. While they offer similar menu choices, the quality of food is strikingly different! KIN is clearly HOMEMADE, HANDMADE delicious food!

  25. Since when is a $12 burger “wallet friendly” ? it all looks good though.

  26. This looks great and I look foward to trying it.
    K.C’s Downtown grill has a similar menu and I’m wondering if there is room for both restaurant’s in the same plaza.

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