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Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Barbecue at Mamma Pig in Windsor

Follow the scent of sweet porky smoke to the transformed digs of Matthew and Bryan Bousquet. The former owners haute French eatery Mirepoix traded in their Michelin star for a counter-service barbecue joint that had a line out the door opening week. The couple both have roots in the south and know their way around a brisket, sweet tea, hush puppies (or hush piggies as they call them) and molasses pit beans and bacon. For dessert, check out the brown sugar pound cake or chocolate pig on a stick. There are still plenty of Wine Country twists (like a burger with duck liver, and a sweet Sonoma Zinfandel barbecue sauce), but Mamma Pig’s is strictly a beer, bacon, and burger kind of spot where all the kin are welcome.

Best bets: Thinly-sliced brsket is a must-have ($8.75 for a sandwich with slaw and Hush Piggies). Fried bits of corny goodness, Mamma’s got the lock on their version of the hush puppy, called the Hush Piggie. Order a side for yourself ($5.00), because what you don’t eat reheats just fine in the oven later. Pig on a Stick (pork belly) is for serious porcine admirers, but worth sharing (%.75). There’s a pie of the day made fresh each day, along with special kid-sized meals.

Outdoor picnic tables are a premium, though there are a handful of tables inside. Beer from Moonlight Brewing Co. on tap.

Mamma Pig, 275 Windsor River Road, Windsor, 838-7447.

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  1. I am afraid that their pulled pork was like most restaurants–not good. I guess they all have to let is sit in some liquid solution to keep it from drying out while waiting for customers to order it, but when they do, there goes all the good flavor. I had high hopes, but I guess it’s back to the backyard and 14 hours in the Weber WSM for my pulled pork.

  2. Well! A disappointment to be sure. Half hour to get two hamburgers! Give me a break! Pork O.K. Here is our ratings:
    Price: High
    Service: Low
    Food: Moderate at best
    Organization: In desperate need of help
    Ambience: Noisy

  3. I was born in the midwest and have spent a few years living in Texas. Needless to say I am picky about my barbecue. Mama Pig is AWESOME.

  4. Mamma pig, pig on a stick and hush pigie? The names seem a bit unappetizing……

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