Mamma Pig’s opening

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Mamma Pig’s, a new barbecue spot in Windsor, opens officially Sunday, July 3. The restaurant is hosting a grand opening event from 1-9pm.

Describing the new restaurant as “Simply BBQ, Burgers, Bacon and Beer”, it’s a new-is-old venture from former Mirepoix owners Matthew and Bryan Bousquet. The couple shuttered their Michelin-starred eatery last spring, announcing that the haute French eatery would do a 180-degree turn to become a family-style barbecue restaurant — a move that recalls their start doing barbecue years ago at the Windsor market.  The couple also runs Bistro M on the Town Green.

Mamma Pig’s: 275 Windsor Rd., Windsor,

Check out their Facebook page for details.

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  1. The Evolution of Mamma Pig’s Windsor: September 13, 2011

    Mamma Pig’s was launched by “ The Piggy Pack” on July 3,rd 2011 to build a Sonoma focused brand that could be scaled into a franchisable model. This branding and modeling was to be that of a concept created by Sonoma Essence LLC. To launch this project we leased our current Windsor location. An association was formed with the past tenants Bryan and Matthew Bousquet as hospitality and catering consultants, relying on their expertise as restaurateurs’. This relationship was open to future ownership of a Mamma Pig’s location as we grew.

    In the meantime, Matthew was offered a high level position at a prestigious restaurant in Napa. It was an opportunity that was too good for Matthew, a dedicated and creative chef, to pass up. With Matthew in Napa, Bryan felt it important to devote more time to the couple’s young daughter.

    To clarify the changes in management and ownership the owners opted to start afresh with “New ownership” signage.

    Mamma Pig’s is owned and run by Gary Finnan as a sole proprietor, with consulting support of Matthew Riveras of Sonoma Essence LLC and our team of fantastic, motivated and committed staff. Our intent is to bring the highest quality of experience to the residents of Sonoma County around the products of BBQ, Burgers, Bacon and Beer (with a little wine too).

    We look forward to the continuing support we have enjoyed in the past three months and welcome any direct communication to clarify any questions customers and vendors may have.

    Thank you to all of our, customers, staff, family and friends that have helped in launching Mamma Pig’s in Windsor. We look forward to serving our community and building a brand that shares the bounty of Sonoma County.


    Gary Finnan


  2. He is not .

  3. Does anyone know if Ben Davies is still a part of the crew?

  4. Your assessment of the food industry in the U.S. is correct. Yesterday I went to Costco and had a piece of their pizza. I sat outside near the front door to eat it. That’s when I started to notice that most of the people there were either mildly over weight or fairly seriously obese. Most of the “handicapped” parking was taken by “large” people. Unfortunately, “keeping it simple” in the food terms in the U.S. has turned from meaning, non-processed, natural foods to “fast foods” which are either deep fried, contain corn syrup, This food coupled with our passion for sitting in automobiles (look at the cars lined up at the In-and-Out Burger) has created a pretty unhealthy climiate in this country. But at least we can keep smiling.

  5. Went last night and we both ordered the brisket sandwich and a side of the collard greens and sweet potato chips. The brisket was very tender and flavorful, coleslaw nice and not drowning in dressing. The collared greens were good but as we later spoke to the owner she said to next time ask for them with bacon. The pickle slice was mild but crisp and tart and the hush puppy was perfect! The sauces were all very tasty as we sampled all of them. We got there before the rush and got a table inside so we got to see the place in action so to speak. People were in line right next to our table and as the line got longer he moved them outside. Not to hot a day but in the heat I can see where it would be a long wait. A tray of sweet tea being handed out would be a nice touch to those standing. The employees all seemed to work well together which is a lot to be said for such short time being open. Two dinners, two sides and two beers was $42.00. I will go back but not at a peak time or in extreme heat in case there is a line. Glad to have them here in town.

  6. I went to Mamma Pigs a few days ago. It has its pluses and minuses. The slaw was good but not very distinctive, The biscuit was tasty but dry with nothing to put on it like butter or honey, The pork ribs seemed a lttle overly fatty but had good flavor. It was an irritation to have to separate my half rack of ribs into individual pieces at my table with a flimsy plastic knife – that should have beeen done by the chef or assistant. Overall it needs improvement but I am willing to try again

  7. I agree that work needs doing – both in service and in food! Ate there during opening day and waited long long time for order to be taken and food to arrive — tho the place was nearly empty …. and then, what arrived was not what we’d ordered. We took it anyways and were disappointed in the dry, overcooked chicken and tasteless gluey potato salad. Besides, they had charged us for each item separately, so our bill was much more than on the menu. That being said, the piggy sticks were dangerously delicious — heart attack inna box! Hope the kinks can be straighten out…

  8. Ate there just last night, lets just say they have some work to do to be completely successful. First they have a bottleneck with having only one door for entrance and exit. With a long line at the door once you get your food you have to make your way through a line of people waiting in line to place their order. There was a shortage of menus to look at what they offered a waitress had to go to a table and ask for a menu back so I could have one. The food took about 30 minutes to get which is a little long to wait for that kind of food and mind you there were only about 20 people there at the time. Once the food was ready they didn’t have any trays to so I could take it to our table outside. Also the food was cold..and I didn’t want to have to wait for them to fix it so I ate it anyway. The Brisket was good with lots of flavor the portions were somewhat small and the prices for the sides a bit high.
    I love smoked meat so I want them to make it but they need to fix these items fast or people won’t return for a second try.

  9. Great food!! Great smoke flavor! Highly recommend that you try Mamma Pigs. They have got the flavor going on! Lots of luck to you Mamma Pigs hope you are a success.
    Rich and Molly Bellomo

  10. Definitely curious! We loved Mirepoix and are sad to see it go, but who doesn’t love BBQ? (AND burgers, AND beer, AND bacon?!)

    Good luck and see you soon!

  11. Agreed. There is a time and place where I can totally appreciate foam and caviar, but i only go to those places a few times a year (IRL — meaning when i’m personally footing the bill rather than working). Otherwise, we just want simple, good food that isn’t too expensive and makes us feel happy. Service and decor shouldn’t be overlooked.

  12. I love the fact that many “fancy” places are switching to “simpler” food (or just loosing Market share). I have never been a huge of fan of “Haute” style food/service being a driving force in the restaurant world. “Keep it simple stupid” is cliche for a reason. Wonderful food is more about the love put into the ingredients before they reach the chef(s) who then just augments that love for those of us that desire and appreciate it. Hee hee Food Trucks are a fine example that folks love great food, were ever it comes from, served with a genuine smile and feel of hospitality!

  13. Welcome Back Mamma Pigs! Everyone has been waiting for you. We knew you would get back to your routs. Glenda and everyone at the Windsor Certified Farmers Market.

  14. I still find it so bizarre that they closed Mirepoix. Hope this new place is as good.

  15. Can’t wait! Driving by all the time I’ve seen the place taking shape. I’ll give it a month or so before trying so they get the kinks all worked out. I wish them much luck!

  16. WOW, I have Died and Gone to Heaven, this place has all Four of the main food groups, BBQ, Burgers, Bacon, and Beer. I will report soon on the delicacies of this place. Cannot wait!

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