Map of Sonoma County Barbecue Spots

Author: biteclub

Food Dining and Restaurants in Sonoma County and beyond, is Wine Country dining with Drive-Thru Sensibility.

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  1. Caution – don’t use the map to find Jaded Toad or you will end up in Massachusetts!

  2. The BBQ Spot is not good, I gave it two trys and both times service was so-so and meat was way dry

  3. Pack Jack’s is your best bet… The owner is actually from the South andvknows what he’s doing. No faux-Q!

  4. Which of these serve clean, local meat? Pasture/organic feed, no antibiotics or factory farms?

  5. I should have believed Z. Too many burns. But folks, it’s open. Weekends only right now.

  6. I’m fixing it now. I haven’t circled back in a few weeks. I’m adding hambruger ranch and Pack Jack’s.

  7. Why am I ‘unimpressed’? You completely missed the new place in Windsor.
    Perhaps it’s too new to be added, but you wrote about it in your blog already.

  8. yes, okay okay!

  9. Seriously…. HAMBURGER RANCH!!!! How could anyone even discuss Sonoma County BBQ without this place being at the TOP of the list???

  10. Yep, I’ll add it soon.

  11. If i hear that Pack Jacks is coming back anytime soon again, i’m going to cry. I’ve been out there so many times, chasing my tail. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  12. Went to the BBQ spot. Briquette was dry and bland, the “Homemade” mac and cheese was bad and the coke was even flat. The best thing about the place was the hot bbq sauce, and the meat was tender. I have yet to find a good BBQ place in norcal. :(

  13. Waiting for Pack Jacks is like waiting for Godot. I have been driving past there for years hoping for them to reopen. I miss their hot links with hot sauce. The outside of the building has been done for a long time, but it seems like nothing is happening inside.

  14. Me three. I’ve been to the Fremont Diner a few times (for breakfast, though… not BBQ), and have been consistently wowed by the incredible food and friendly service. Alexa, please consider giving them a second chance.

  15. had a seriously bad lunch at BBQ Smokehouse today. we ordered the 3 meat combo to go — and can u imagine, the brisket was wrapped and HEATED in plastic wrap, so it tasted like — plastic wrap, natch! the pulled pork was dried up, the ribs just barely ok. beans full of black pepper, the tiny bit of coleslaw a sorry mess. cornbread too fluffy for our tastes. most of it went into the trash — but well, at least it was expensive!! don’t bother to eat here, people.

  16. Pack Jacks is coming back soon.

  17. can anybody tell me if Busters in calistoga has different people running it? thanks

  18. BubbaQue is GREAT!!! I’m not usually a bbq chicken guy but they made it excellent there. A+ in my book.

  19. As long as Calistoga is on the list, you have to add
    Red Rock Cafe (the restaurant) and Back Door BBQ
    (take out from the back door) at 1010 Lincoln Ave.,
    in Napa. Yummy tri-tip, brisket and ribs. Love the
    sauce and the coleslaw too. Still looking for a
    place that serves burnt ends on white loaf
    bread like they do in Kansas City. … With “gravy”
    (BBQ sauce) on the side so it doesn’t interfere
    with the smoky goodness of the low and slow
    heat in the meat.

  20. Instead of saying “Go to the South”, how about you suggest some other place that is within driving distance.

  21. Leaving out Real Food BBQ on Bodega Highway is leaving out the best basic, no frills BBQ there is. As a brisket fan I love this place even tho I’d like to see some improvements in where you sit, real plates instead what are really to-go containers. But the food is the best BBQ around. BBQ Smokehouse’s brisket is usually dry and no where close to tender. Real Food BBQ is the west county BBQ go to place.

  22. I’ve heard good things about Colibri, but haven’t gone — mostly because i tend to hit the new stuff and sometimes don’t get around to the older spots. Good call. I’ll check it out.

  23. Sorry meant it deserves to be on the list. I had lunch there last week and enjoyed the funky dining area and good food.

  24. Yes I think the Barbecue spot should be on the list.

  25. Neither Sweet T’s not The Barbecue Spot serve hot links, which should relegate them to the junior league (although the ribs at the Barbecue Spot are excellent, as is the brisket at Sweet T’s–at least until they stopped serving the hot barbecue sauce and replaced it with spicy ketchup). Sorry to see the Colibri didn’t make the list. I eat at all the local ‘cue joints, from the He’BaG and Buster’s to the Smokehouse and Lombardi’s (meh) and theirs is the most consistently tasty. Admittedly, they don’t have quite the cachet of the more press-friendly joints ’round these parts but when I’m within hailing distance with even the slightest hunger pang, I’m there.

  26. Hamburger Ranch

  27. Hello! I know its just north of your map but it is in Sonoma County
    HAMBURGER RANCH!! Probably one of the best in my book!! Add it to the list!

  28. I am glad to see Buster’s listed because I think it’s really great there (with one warning: the sauce can be ordered hot or regular. I do not recommend hot).

  29. Sweet T’s?!?! Really? That place is TERRIBLE! The brisket is WAY too fatty, the boiled peanuts are hit and miss on availability (along with a number of other menu items), and the corn bread is terrible. You want good Southern food? Go to the South.

  30. I’m with you, TD. I’ve heard others have had kind of unspectacular experiences there, but the four times I’ve been, they’ve all been terrific. I will say the service is pretty casual, and often times the kitchen is very very busy. I’ve never hit the bathroom there, but i know its like outside and around the corner. May be a little funky. Expectations should be pretty managed, though — it’s a roadside diner.

  31. It sounds like you may have hit them on a very bad day. I have an nothing but good experiences at the Fremont Diner. Service has always been pleasant, the bathroom always clean, and flies are a given where there is food. I would much rather have a dead fly on the ground, then an alive one in my food!I am sorry to hear you had a different experience than our numerous visits.

  32. I feel compelled to caution people regarding Fremont Diner. It was awful, even allowing for it being a roadside diner. Dozens of dead flies everywhere. Cold, unremarkable food, forgotten order, and the busboy reached across us AS WE ATE to replenish the forks supply. The bathroom floor was overflowing with discarded waste and had no toilet paper, no paper towels, and no soap! God only knows what the kitchen is like. It was without question the grossest “dining” experience of my life. BEWARE!

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