Mister Hof Brau closed

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

UPDATE: Sam called Monday and informed BiteClub that the restaurant is not reopening and is for sale.

Refrigeration issues have shuttered Mister Hof-brau (458 B St., Santa Rosa, 545-6237) until Monday, June 4 according to owners.

“We are having mechanical problems and…need some major repairs,” said Sam Samii. Sam and brother Narsi Samii reopened the their carvery in the Brickyard Center in downtown Santa Rosa last March after losing their lease at Coddingtown Center after 27 years.

During the temporary closure, Sam is also transferring his ownership of the restaurant to Narsi. “I’m going to step down. I’m giving control back to Narsi. He is the expert,” said Sam.

A hand-written closure sign in posted on the door of the restaurant early this week sparked concern and rumors in the restaurant scene that the relocated hofbrau may be facing a second closure. Sam assures BiteClub the restaurant will soldier after the repairs.

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  1. It is too bad about The Hofbrau. You do not have to be a brain surgeon to know the location of the
    Hofbrau was a bad choice. Locaton! Location! Location!. I loved Narsi’s and ate there frequently
    and never made it to The Hofbrau due to the fact that it was not convenient and parking was terrible.
    As far as BJ’s is concerned I was there once and that is it! Food Average, noisy, service bad. I would
    say a notch below Applebee’s.

  2. So sad. I never even made it over once before they closed. 4 mos isn’t long enough to give up already!

  3. I agree! BJ’s is Applebee’s!

  4. I agree with you Z re the portions, and I’m an older 5’3″ petite female who doesn’t eat that much, had myself a few weeks ago a hankerin’ for a French dip sandwich so thought I’d try them out at their now new location, though as Heather says now shuttered. I had to ask Sam before moving on to the cash register to cash out with my tray “if I could have more beef”, I could tell at a glance it was a child’s size portion, mostly roll and very little beef. He kindly obliged and said how it was so-many ounces (i.e., it was enough beef for the sandwich in his opinion and SOP, standard operating procedures); however, seemed too skimpy until he added on more, per my request.

    Well, maybe it’s just not in the stars for this troubled restauranteur to continue with this line of work, or, maybe the third time will be the charm, who knows. I do; however, wish them the best.

  5. I had a hankerin’ for some German food one day in April shortly after they opened on 7th st. I decided to get the most expensive item on the menu, an assortment of meats, mashed pots and vegies. This, I thought, will satisfy my craving. Wrong! The portions might work for a retired lady, but not for this 30+, 200lb+, 6’3″ half German man. C’mon, I wanted lots of meat and a huge stein of beer. I received old lady portions and had to order Thai food from next door 30 minutes later. The carvery is a great idea, but you need to do it right for it to succeed.

  6. lol @ Chuck T (aka Inspector Gadget) thinking I’m associated with Simon. Sorry pal, I was born and raised in this area and have no affiliation. I just don’t believe in rooting for the little guy just because he’s the little guy. Business is business. And these companies (yes including your beloved Narsi) are in it to make money. At some point people have to be grownups and quit the “poor me” routine, that’s all.

  7. I’m with Mark on this one – and no, Chuck, I don’t work for Simon nor am I affiliated with them in any way. I went to Narsi’s in Coddingtown a number of times, andcwhile food was good (certainly not great) it was WAY overpriced. Narsi is a personable guy, but $9.00 for a sandwich and nothing else is ridiculous! And Mark was right… Go back and read the articles on the Simon/Narsi fight and you will see that Simon bent over backwards to try and help him stay. Ultimately it was his choice to waste the money on a lawsuit rather than move his business a couple hundred yards. Maybe he would be up and running still… The reality is, Coddingtown is dying and Simon had to do something to revive it. Bringing in a big business like BJs also brought a LOT of jobs with it. And hopefully other businesses will follow.

  8. Narsi people do not know good food. I tried BJ’s and to me it is just another Applebees .I would eat at Narsis and eat good real food any day.

  9. Well done! But, I think our back and forth woke up the Simon people (see “Mark” below). We also got something started on the brew front. I might stir it up a bit by responding to Jaz693 by saying Bear Republic IS good but, they don’t draw a crowd like Vinnie & Natalie do when they release some Pliny. So, come on you hopheads. Give it your best shot!

  10. Sorry, but Narsi has had enough “breaks” for his over-priced, cafeteria-grade food…Why does everyone have such a soft spot for this guy? No one reneged on any contract, he was offered another spot in Coddingtown (where he could continue to charge FAR too much to his elderly clientele) , fought and lost….He’s no different than any other restauranteur in the area so why all of the tears??? Hofbraus (when done right) can be EXTREMELY successful, but just shoving a hunk of meat under a heat lamp doesn’t make you a Hofbrau…Sorry but it’s all a bit sappy. Businesses fail, especially if you’re not staying consistent.

  11. Hoffbraus are a thing of the past. Even though I love them, they are a dying breed because the palate of Sonoma County doesn’t recognize the difference between hand carved roast beef and meats as opposed to Arby’s or McRib sammiches at MacDonalds.

  12. …curse of the Brickyard Center…

  13. Please provide precise GPS coordinates of former site of Narsi’s and current site of BJ’s. Confusion abounds.

  14. Bear Republic Brewing Company!!!! hello! Local and best brewpub around.

  15. Blah. You’re kind of right. It wasn’t intentional. It’s just because it was top of mind. I think i’ll just take it out. But first, why not check out Third St. Aleworks, Russian River Brewing or head over to Sprenger’s Taproom.

    (How was that?)

  16. C’mon Heather! Why would you even mention BJ’s. Anyone might think you worked for Simon! Give poor Narsi a break for cryin’ out loud. Not to mention all the LOCAL breweries that could use a plug.

  17. Point taken. Changed.

  18. It looks like BJ’s at Coddingtown is not built on the former Narsi’s site, but rather beside it.

  19. BJ’s did not take over the Nari’s site. That site is still empty. BJ’s opened in a new spot further east where Thrifty’s used to be.

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