Moustache Baked Goods, Healdsburg

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Real men bake cupcakes.

“We’re two guys…born and raised in Sonoma County trying to do what we love — bake,” said Christian Sullberg, who’s partnered with the similarly sweets-minded Osvaldo Jimenez to create new school patisserie Moustache Baked Goods just off the Healdsburg Plaza.

Fueled by a love of caramel, chocolate and sprinkles, the 20-something duo are creating an ever-evolving lineup of desserts that incorporate produce from nearby farms and wineries — for example using Dry Creek Zin in their red velvet and carrots from nearby farms for their carrot cake. Other treats include Mason Jar cupcakes, brownies and milk, macarons and and open-faced s’mores.

Their bread and buttercream, of course, are the cupcakes. Scratch-baked flavors like “The Butcher”, a vanilla cake with maple spice butter cream and a chunk of Black Pig bacon; “The Local”, a gluten-free ganche-filled almond cake with strawberry buttercream; “The Miller”, meyer lemon cake with lemon olive oil frosting; “The Mistress”, meyer lemon cake with raspberry filling and raspberry buttercream; or the “Out of Towner”, banana cake with Nutella buttercream. What’s extra-nice: Most of the flavors come in mini-sizes so you can grab a dozen without too much guilt.  A peekaboo window to their decorating kitchen makes for entertainment while you’re nibbling. Fourbarrel coffee is available to wash down the crumbs.

So far, the guys — who serious baking chops and mad decorating skills — have been receiving rave reviews from locals and a brisk business as word travels through the grapevines.

Moustache Baked Goods, 381 Healdsburg Ave, Headlsburg, 395-4111.

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  1. I know these are deliciously baked cupcakes plus two good-looking guys are baking it! Whoah!!!

  2. Great idea – execution, not so much. Overly sweet frostings, unremarkable cupcakes. Boxed cakes are better because at least they use cake flour. On the other hand, it’s great to see young, creative bakers in town and I’m sure they will figure it out!

  3. You must not have kids. Having a place where I can take my kids in our hometown versus taking them a place that isnt a winebar is exactly what this town needs. So glad these guys are in town!

  4. Love everything about Moustache. If you haven’t been yet you must. A welcome addition to Healdsburg. Friendly service and baked goods the perfect combination :)

  5. This place is awesome!! way better than Sift. Especially the customer service. (good luck getting anyone to answer the phone at sift, we left a message to order a dozen, No response)

  6. LOVE the cupcakes! They are great about getting creative with allergies too! My mom is really allergic to chocolate and Christian always makes sure she is covered!

  7. Sorry guys, not a fan. The cupcakes are small, and don’t stand out. For $3.00, I would rather have a Sift cupcake.

  8. best cupcakes and friendliest staff. not embarrassed to say im there at least 3 times a week! cant get enough of those homemade oreos.

  9. Stoked!

  10. I work downtown and my coworkers and I love Moustache!! The cupcakes are amazing and the owners are really nice. We stopped by on a Tuesday and they were closed but they saw us standing outaide and brought us out some whoopie cookies that were insane!! What fantastic customer service!

  11. Have to say Yum! Love the “masculine” theme of the shop- it’s…. Very handsome! (almost said “beautiful”)

  12. I love the ever growing list of GOODIES you are doing. I might feel bad if I went in and bought six cupcakes for myself. But 1 Whoopi, 1 Oreo,1 salted caramel 1 PB&J Macaroon and so on That’s Different!!!! Not only are Christian and Ozzie Great but the “way” that Brice has with the four barrel coffee and the resulting lattes is not of this earth1 Thanks Guys!!

  13. my wife brought home a box of these I was not too interested in cupcakes and My god these are awesome The bacon one is my favorite. Thick slab of bacon was killer!

  14. We love you Moustache!! So glad your in town now, I’m a little embarrassed to say I come in at least 3 times a week. Keep up the awesome work. My co workers and I can’t stop talking about you guys.

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