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Three Squares closed

Former Syrah goes dark

Fresh Choice becomes California Fresh, more closures

Fresh Choice reopens in Rohnert Park, Sweet River Grill closes along with California Thai, Sapporo

China Room Closes

Longtime Chinese restaurant in Santa Rosa mysteriously shutters

Fresh Choice Closes in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park

Casual salad buffet shutters two North Bay locations quickly, quietly

Checkers Closes

Downtown SR restaurant shutters

Doc Holliday’s closes

SR karoke spot closes

Affronti Closes, Cafe Lucia to open

Healdsburg restaurant gets new ownership

Doc Holliday’s Angus Burger

A solid contender in an unlikely spot.

Franco’s, Aioli Shutter

Two restaurants close

Mister Hof-brau | Santa Rosa

A steam-table sanctuary in an ocean of a la minute eateries, with nothing precious or pedigreed to get in the way of an honest plate of food.

Six Norcal Cafe Gratitudes to sell or close

Healdsburg vegan restaurant among those on the chopping block

Stony Point Grill closes

Santa Rosa diner shuts its doors

What killed Shimo?

Healdsburg restaurant closes

Ozzie’s Grill Goes Cold

Rincon Valley institution shutters Saturday

Red Rose Shutters

SR BBQ spot closes

Mamma Drama in Windsor

A “New Ownership” sign adds to the mystery of what exactly happened to this Windsor barbecue spot

John Barleycorn’s Closed

Bennett Valley eatery says goodbye. Sort of.

Space XXV: Chicken Skin BLT?

Part designer showcase, part chef-driven cafe, Santa Rosa’s Space XXV is a luxe salon with amazing eats (at a reasonable price)

Mamma Pig | Windsor

Barbecue roadhouse opens in Windsor

Blue Label at the Belvedere closing

Cafe service until July 17

Closed Restaurant Gift Certificates: Out of Luck?

What to do if you have a gift certificate to a restaurant that has closed

Petite Syrah | Santa Rosa

Former Syrah Bistro transforms into a small plates eatery

Restaurant Mirepoix closed until June 2011

Windsor restaurant shuttering for two months

Blue Label Cafe | Santa Rosa

Best biscuits and gravy you’ll ever taste

Latitude restaurant closes

Rohnert Park restaurant closes