NY Pie Sold

Friday, September 28th, 2012

The bad news is that our favorite New Yawkah has left Santa Rosa. The good news is that NY Pie may finally be open regular hours. Earlier this month, the tiny Santa Rosa pizzeria at the corner of Brookwood and Fourth St., was sold to new owners. The restaurant’s constant presence, R.J. Iervolino whose direct style and  haphazard hours sometimes confounded Californians, has retired and turned the business over to Ty Folk, the owner of Foster Freeze in Sebastopol. The award-winning pizza and homemade sauce aren’t changing, and the restaurant will now be open from 11a.m. to 9p.m. daily. They’ll soon add some new specials to the menu as well as a few appetizers. But best of all, they’ll also be doing pizza by the slice, something R.J. steadfastly refused to do, bless his New York heart. 65 Brookwood Ave., Santa Rosa, 526-9743.

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  1. Agree: “Mombos can mess up the pizza.” I like Mombo’s, and have had some pies and slices that are as good as the best street pizza you’ll find in New York or Boston. Unfortunately, they are NOT consistent. I’ve also had slices from take-out pies that were the worst of the worst. If you eat in the store you’ll probably have a very good experience, but open the box and make sure the pizza is, you know, edible, before leaving with an order to go. It’s completely unacceptable at any restaurant that you have to “familiarize yourself with whos behind the counter” to expect a basic level of quality.

    Disagree: “NY Pie has no flavor.” Their tomato sauce and dough are ABSOLUTELY the most flavorful. Anywhere. Period. I’ve also never had a bad or even mediocre pie or slice there, either under the original guy or the new owner. Maybe Tritop has some complaint with their toppings (I only order plain or Margherita, so I can’t say) but their fundamental pizza and quality control are unbeatable. My only complaint is that their oven isn’t hot enough to properly create a firm, easy to fold slice with a crisp cornichon.

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!!! Better than Mombos. Good one, I needed to laugh this morning. NY Pie has no flavor man, NO FLAVOR! And a Mombos calzone will eff your day up in the best way possible. I by no means an saying NY Pie is not good, Im just saying it is forgettable. Mombos can mess up the pizza also, over cook it, skimp on cheese, but for the most part very consistent especially once you familiarize yourself with whos behind the counter.

  3. Correction: Ralph did sell slices, except it was a quarter of a large pie — but on request he’d cut it in half so it would become two normal slices. No idea why his “slice” was 2x the size anything else in pizzaworld, and when asked, he’d tell you that a slice was just part of a whole pizza, as if you were a visitor from another planet asking, “Of what is this thing, ‘slice'”?

    The same guy is making the dough and sauce, so it’s still the best NY pizza in town, easily beating Mombo’s (and now with regular sized slices). Good luck, Ty, but please ask the crew to crank up the oven, so the pizza has a proper char on the bottom and is baked thoroughly.

  4. I was just about to look online to see what was up with NY Pie so good to hear they are continuing on under new ownership. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there as, at least when they first opened, it took an hour to get a NY Pie. I’m spoiled by the usualy 15-20 minutes it takes to cook a standard pizza.

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