Pliny wins again

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Russian River Brewing has won Beer of the Year from readers of American Homebrewers Association Magazine, Zymurgy. It’s a three-peat for the brewery’s Pliny the Elder, a double IPA.

The award, according to Russian River Brewing’s Michael Deas, is significant within the brewing industry because it’s a people’s choice vote among “people who care a lot about beer.”

“All the beers on the list with us are amazing,” Deas said.

A total of 433 breweries and 1,306 beers were represented in the 2011 poll. Other Northern California breweries on the list included Chico’s Sierra Nevada, Ft. Bragg’s North Coast Brewing (Old Rasputin, 18th place), San Francisco’s Anchor Steam and Healdsburg’s Bear Republic (Racer 5, 29th place). Russian River Brewing’s Blind Pig IPA took 43rd place.

The magazine also ranked the breweries based on the total votes received by each of their beers. Russian River ranked fifth, followed by Petaluma’s Lagunitas (ranked #12); and Bear Republic Brewing in Healdsburg (#24).

Deas said he credits brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo with Russian River’s continued success in the beer world. “He’s the most meticulous and humble guy you’ll ever meet. Everything has to come out the right way every time with him.”

“We’re proud of our beer and proud to be a part of the Santa Rosa economy,” said Deas.

Pliny the Elder is on tap throughout the year at Russian River Brewpub (725 4th Street, Santa Rosa). The brewery’s triple IPA, Pliny the Younger, is released just once a year in February.

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  1. Way to go Vinnie and Natalie! Keep on representin’! We love your beer!

  2. No Pliny today at Napa Wholefoods! Now I know why. It is indeed a great brew. Congrats bruewdes…

    Anyone notice a change in Anchor since it was sold earlier this year?

    Try the new New Belgium Somersault. A bit lighter than their others but hey its 106 degrees out today…

  3. Must be like Guy Fierri, Get big, Go national then quit promoting yourself locally by doing local events.

  4. umm probably because as a local beer its nice to see them supporting charrities and promoting themselves at local beer events.

    They seem to be the only local brewery that never shows up to that event. I know i go every year it’s fun and i like their beer so it’s disappointing when they arent there.

    National recognition is great and well deserved and since they are nationally distributing i guess a local pressence isnt needed….. oh wait a minute thats right they aren’t distributing nationally they only sell locally out of thier brewery so then maybe that local brew fest might actually be a place where locals go to taste a little and see whats changing flavorwise out there.

    Congrats to them on the Pliny win again

  5. Dallas Texas loves Pliny and Bear Rep’s Red Rocket! Anchor Steam? Uh, yea, right..drink up- apparently you already have been!

  6. Because it wouldn’t be fair. Other breweries need a chance to win something as well!

  7. Congrats to RR! We are very fortunate to have this level of quality brewing right in our own backyard. Damnation for life!

  8. perhaps you should at least try pliny the elder before you make a statement like that?

  9. Yeah, umm, I think they just won the readers choice for one of the biggest brew mags out there, why bother with battle of the brews?

  10. I’d rather have an Anchor Steam. hands down!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Congrats to Vinny and all. Pliny the E really is a top-notch beer. Legitimately Outstanding. Oh yum!!!

  12. Too bad I never see them at the battle of the brews

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