Ravenous Healdsburg

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Call it a reverse evolution or maybe just a return to its roots, but Ravenous Restaurant has reopened in its original eight table space at next to the Raven Theater after shuttering the 420 Center Street bungalow it inhabited for nearly a decade.

On the menu are the rustic-luxe, farm-to-table eats including roasted tomatoes with fresh balls of mozzarella, basil pesto and pine nuts; crab cakes with cilantro aioli and roasted eggplant; fresh fish tacos; mascarpone cheesecake with swirls of lemon curd. The famous Ravenous burger was off-menu at our visit, but appeared at a regular’s table by request. Results may vary, but it’s certainly worth asking for.

Open Wednesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner (11:30am to 2:30pm, 5pm to 9:30pm), and Sunday for brunch (10am-2:30pm) and dinner (5-9:30 pm). 117 North Street, Healdsburg, 431-1302.
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  1. W – I always thought I was an Olympic-level grudge-holder, but I’ve got to take off my hat to you. “More than a decade” is an awfully long time to carry a resentment around, even by my relaxed standards, let alone exhuming it to flame a re-opening enterprise that bears little, if any, resemblance to the establishment that hurt you so cruelly.

    I don’t pretend to understand the circumstances surrounding your incident, but my first impression is that you may have been seated inadvertently at a table that had been already reserved for someone else, hence the rechecking of your reservation.

    I’ve eaten at Ravenous dozens of times – great service sometimes, other times, not-so-great. My taste in fashion runs to casual-at-best, and I’ve never encountered the “hipper than thou” attitude that’s gaining traction in several Hbg restaurants. Looking forward to getting there ASAP.

  2. This is a love letter to my favorite restaurant. I couldn’t be happier to have Ravenous back in its place of honor. Such a romantic, perfect place. It has a mystique and elegance that I have always loved. The wait staff has that blending of exotic and accomodating that adds to the overall perfection. Did I say that all is right with the world now that Ravenous has returned. I always feel that I am in paradise. I wish them every success.XXXXOOOXX

  3. I hope they’ve gotten less snooty. I haven’t bothered with them in more than a decade because of the lousy treatment I had there the last time. I know the routine of getting a reservation by sticking your head in the door about an hour before you plan to eat there. I used to do that whenever I would be in HB for business. The final time, an employee gave a reservation to my husband and myself for the first seating. We arrived promptly and were seated. No fewer than 3 employees came over and inquired if we had reservations. I was ready to storm out, but I calmly indicated which employee had given us the reservation, and stayed seated. I felt like I was not welcome and the attitude was “how could you give HER a reservation in our upscale restaurant”? I was there for an antiques faire, so I was casually dressed, as were most other patrons, so I don’t know how I stood out as someone who would crash a reservation. I won’t ever go back.

  4. Wasn’t the Center Street Ravenous supposed to be taken over by the Starks of Willi’s Wine & other famou restaurants around here? Any news?

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