Red Rose Shutters

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Plenty of chatter on the “for lease” sign in the window of the Red Rose Cafe in Santa Rosa. The restaurant suffered extensive damage in July when a fire ripped through the interior. A call to the restaurant’s listed number results in a “Call cannot be completed as dialed” message.

Though the restaurant had its ups and downs, a loyal fan base for the restaurant’s commitment to authentic southern cooking will be missed.

Stay tuned, however, for updates on several newcomers to the BBQ game, including the forthcoming Sweet T’s, slated to open by November.

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  1. Don’t you mean meat and potatoes?

  2. I was a loyal customer of the the Red Rose cafe. They made fantastic comfort food that reminded me of home. I’m sooo sorry to see it go! I sure hope they decide to reopen somewhere else because there is no where else to find good fried chicken in the whole city (maybe the county).

  3. We loved Red Rose. Affordable good food. Where is the next best soul food in Sonoma County that is not pricey or foo, foo.

  4. Welcome to Sonoma County, the land of beans and rice. There is no way any restaurant is going to survive in Sonoma County if they are occupying a space built in the past ten years. High rent, taxes (employee and use tax), utilities, payroll, and a perpetual stream of bills from the county do not allow for any food business to survive. Plain and simple. With businesses trying to operate on 10 percent profit margins…there is no way a place that doesn’t have a steady stream of customers can survive with all the expenses. Sonoma County doesn’t have loyal customers because they want fast and cheap and that only comes wrapped in a torilla or served from a steam table. People are paying 16 bucks for a plate of beans, rice, lettuce and some meat, but it fills them up. However, these are the same types that will thumb their noses at a place that offers the best deal they can. Beans and rice….beans and rice

  5. uummmm, I’m just wondering what took so long.

  6. I enjoyed several tasty meals at the Red Rose and am sorry that they had to close. The owners/chefs were very friendly,and the cafe’ had a pleasant atmosphere. Their smoked meats and french toast plates were yummy! All the best to them!

  7. Laaaaaaame…Their fried chicken wings and waffles were pretty darn good. Some of the other things were hit or miss but overall a very decent place.

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