Rendez Vous Bistro Shutters

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Flipside Steakhouse and Sports Bar Preview

Flipside Steakhouse and Sports Bar Preview

A surprise closure in downtown Santa Rosa. Five-year-old Rendez Vous Bistro, owned by restaurateur Nino Rabbaa, has closed. Apparently the space will undergo a concept change and renovation, but a reopen date for the high-profile space is unclear.

 In a Facebook post, Rabbaa explained the changes…

Dear Friends of Rendez Vous Bistro, 

 As you can see, the era of Rendez Vous Bistro has come to an end. This bistro was founded five years ago to bring a little Paris flair to Sonoma County and offer a new concept to the community; to create a space where families and friends rendezvous and linger into the night. 

 Over these past five years, Rendez Vous Bistro has evolved to be part of a greater company, Soco Hospitality Group, with a bigger mission dedicated to making Santa Rosa an attractive destination to food and wine lovers. Now that these a doors are closed for a new vision we hope you will share in the excitement and anticipation during our total renovation. When we re-open, this will be something greater, something new, and of course, delicious! 

 This is an exciting year so please follow us on Facebook for details and latest developments! And sneak peeks of new locations and new concepts will be revealed soon, don’t you worry!

Meanwhile, a third restaurant, Flipside Steakhouse & Sports Bar (in the former Rita’s space on Calistoga Road) is slated for a Jan. 20 opening. Insiders say they’ve seen staff at restaurant supply stores recently, and several pictures of the new interior are on their website. Expect pool tables and big screens on the bar side.

 Rabbaa also announced that Flipside Brewery in Rohnert Park (previously Latitude) will open this spring. 

Flipside, the burger bar on Third St. in Santa Rosa remains open.

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  1. Nino is pure garbage as anybody who has worked for him’ll never see it.

  2. I loved them when they first opened. Full bar stocked with good liquor, yummy food, open late, and a great outdoor dining area. Then slowly the food got worse and they enclosed the nice patio in a plastic bag. And we stopped going. Hopefully he will re open as a nice restaurant and bar. not another sports bar, tavern, tapp room or brew house. There are not enough nice restaurants in Santa Rosa with full bars.

  3. Yeah the food was subpar. I actually liked the concept just was poorly executed.

  4. I agree, one’s appetite is usually gone after walking into a dirty smelling place that has a faint undertone of vomit, mixed with stale beer smell and what seemed like bad underarm smell. The food was not at all good also

  5. hey Nino phillip de la cruz and im still waiting to get poaid for my work their in your kitchen its going on 3 years

  6. It was mediocre.

  7. Hopefully the new concept will “get it right”. I tried Rendez Vous 3 times and was unhappy with each visit; and for me it’s 3 times and you are out!

  8. Well, I won’t be missing RVB…always smelled of an unclean bar :( Not appetizing!

  9. Maybe they will add some vegetarian options to the menu so that I will have a reason to go there

  10. Mmmmm, could it also be that the bar and food quality slipped alot ? Have hope for the new concept, but is Nino spread too thin ? I’ve also felt that Flipside had a big drop since they opened.

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