Restaurants opening soon in Sonoma County

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

opensignblissbakeryTwo mid-March openings on the horizon. Chipotle Mexican Grill opens in Rohnert Park on March 13, according to a company spokesman.

Belly Left Coast Kitchen and Taproom in Santa Rosa (at the former Checkers space on Fourth Street) is wrapping up construction and has fingers crossed for a March 15 opening date.

Author: biteclub

Food Dining and Restaurants in Sonoma County and beyond, is Wine Country dining with Drive-Thru Sensibility.

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  1. Technically yes – but it was the attitude that was unnecessary

  2. Take it easy buddy. If a couple of businesses are opening in Sonoma County it is OK to use “your” town name in the description. Get a life

  3. Starting to sound a bit like Marin………the county,

  4. You were more than gracious to change the title. I would have told Nick that Sonoma’s not important enough for anyone to use as a “catch title”, and it was simply an omission of the word “County”. With pretentiousness like that, you’d think he was from Napa, not Sonoma! Hehe. Keep up the great work Bite Club!

  5. You guys weren’t wrong. I’ve changed the title to better reflect the content. I can see how it would be misleading. Napa/Napa, Sonoma/Sonoma…sometimes gets confusing. :)

  6. I’m with you Nick! This should read “Sonoma County”, not “Sonoma”.

  7. Seriously? Someone has waaaayyyy too much time on their hands…lol.

  8. Nitpicker..

  9. Neither of these restaurants will be opening soon in SONOMA… One will be opening in Rohnert Park and the other in Santa Rosa. Sonoma County is a diverse place. Please stop using my city of residence for a catch all title for everything that happens in the County.

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