Rosso to open in Petaluma

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Rosso Pizzeria and Wine Bar is officially expanding to Petaluma. The popular Santa Rosa eatery has just inked a deal to move into the downtown Theater District just off Petaluma Blvd South.

According to co-owner and GM Kevin Cronin, the second outpost of Rosso will seat about 50 inside and 20 outside. The format will be similar to the Santa Rosa restaurant — wood-fired pizzas, piadini, fresh cheeses, house made salumi and plenty of by-the-glass wines — but the Petaluma location will also include a freshly made pasta special each day.

“It’s a little smaller than Santa Rosa and it will look a little different, but Petaluma is a lot like Santa Rosa in that there are so many incredible farmers nearby,” said Cronin. He and chef/owner John Franchetti plan to take advantage of local produce, meats and dairy at the southern location.

Freshly made mozzarella has become a signature of the Rosso operation in Santa Rosa and at local farmer’s markets, but with the abundance of dairy in Petaluma, Cronin said, “we may start experimenting with some different types of cheeses.”

The Petaluma space, which has never been occupied, will be built out over the coming months. Look for an opening between June and August of 2011.

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  1. I think for certain people, Rosso will be a nice addition in Petaluma. As far as slandering Pinky’s Pizza, no need. They have been a family restaurant that has provided a unique atmosphere for quite sometime. It will be a bummer for Pinky’s, just another thing to take away from what partially grungy Petaluma is about. As far as the sign being offensive, take a load off, and take the stick out of your ass.

  2. I’m a native New Yorker and a Petaluma resident. I am welcoming Pizza Rossa with open arms. I’ve never tried the pizza but I’m looking forward to giving it a try. More than anything I’m just happy to see a new restaurant in the spot where the old Goodwill store was. It will complete that corner spot and be a nice addition.

    So far we have Pinky’s which is pure garbage. Extreme pizza, Romeo’s, Brix and that other New York pizza joint near McNears that turn out garbage. The only legit pizza joint that I’ve found and that I frequent on a regular basis is Georgio’s in Healdsburg. The original was on Clement St. in San Francisco and they used to have good pie but the original owners sold it and the pie is terrible now.

    Bill is an original owner and runs the joint in Healdsburg. The place is no frills and the building is probably bought and paid for 10 times over. The exact reason you get a great pie at a great price. Perfect crust, great toppings and affordable. The place could use a serious makeover and top to bottom cleaning.

    We’ll see what Pizza Rossa has to offer but for right now our Sunday night spot will still be Georgio’s.

  3. I agree!! Never thought Pinky’s pizza was anything to write home about. But Romeo’s is! Looking forward to trying this new place.

  4. I’m really looking forward to this place. I’ve been dying for a good wood-fired pizza place.

  5. I imagine Pinky’s isn’t thrilled about this. Of course, with their offensive “no sissy-boy pizza” signage, I could care less.

  6. Finally, another pizzeria in Petaluma.
    Now you don’t have to walk more than a block for the stuff.

  7. I had lunch there in Santa Rosa for the first time last week and was really impressed. This will be a very nice addition to downtown Petaluma!

  8. Rosso SR food = delightful

    Rosso SR service = slipping, especially their host/manager – seating order random (if favorite customers come in after you, be prepared to be skipped over and expect a longer wait) and table service (which was once charming and efficient) becoming slow and ordinary.

  9. Well, that’s great. I REALLY hope they don’t feel the need to keep Soccer on 24/7. Its the reason we stopped going to the Santa Rosa locale. Seems they should feel that one restaurant with ALL Soccer is enough. Petaluma Football, maybe??.

  10. I believe that’s the space.

  11. So is this the spot on the corner of Petaluma Blvd and D street? I can’t think of any other space that’s never been occupied there.

  12. Yes! Rosso never disappoints!

  13. Finally. No longer need to drive all the way to Santa Rosa. Yipee!!!

  14. Healdsburg , please.

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