Seaside Metal coming to Guerneville

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

From the Bar Crudo website,

Tim Selvera of SF’s Bar Crudo is opening a new seafood and oyster bar in downtown Guerneville in spring 2013. 

According to reports, the restaurant will be called Seaside Metal in reference to rusting boats on the nearby coast, and will feature oysters, a raw bar, fish stews and other briny goodness. Apparently the story broke in an article in Food and Wine about America’s Best Little Food Towns, which said the restaurant will also feature beers from local craft breweries.

Guerneville has been booming lately, with the addition of Whitetail Winebar, Boon Eat + Drink, Big Bottom Market and the forthcoming pop-up Korean restaurant, Hi Five.

More from Stephen Gross, the PD’s Guerneville Towns correspondent.


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  1. I’m rather astonished at these comments from Dee Dee, a local business owner, and one whose business I have supported continually!! Not only that, but both Big Bottom Market and Boon offer business to her as well!! I don’t think McDonald’s would be doing the same…for heaven’s sake, Dee, you are looking a gift horse in the mouth! Everyone I have provided jobs to has been local. Wake up to the benefits around you, girl.

  2. DeeDee how can you say you don’t like the processed meats that Subway serves and turn around and say that we need a Mcdonalds in Guerneville? That is absolutley absurd. What a great idea, why not also add a Taco Bell and Burger King in the other empty store fronts. That will do alot for the “average Guernevillian” and there families. I’m so happy that people like you don’t have any say in what goes on in this town or else I see a Walmart opening up on Armstrong Woods road in the near future. Walmarts are cheap and they would bring alot of jobs into our town. Let me break it down for you DeeDee, nice restaurants attract people with money, people with money can afford to travel, thus pumping money into the local economy to support more small businesses to want to open up here, thus… creating more jobs for the “average Guernevillian”. I’m a local, this restaurant opening makes my happy. My opinion.

  3. Wow! Was that level of nastiness really necessary? We have plenty of inexpensive restaurants in town…Garden Grill, Andornos, Main Street, Koala, La Tapatia. A seafood restaurant will be welomed…any restaurant that opens has to understand that it needs to cater to locals to survive in the off season. I am thrilled with the amazing restaurants that have opened recently and am also thrilled that my kids did not have access to a McDonalds in town while growing up here. Guerneville is an eclectic community and has always been welcoming to everyone no matter their financial status Or any other status for that matter…that’s what makes it so great. Sandi, perhaps you ought to think about moving elsewhere if you hate these people so much. Your post certainly did not reflect any “class” that you accuse deedee of not having. Chill out!

  4. McDonalds? Why not a Grey Hound bus stations and a few more “spa” salons. I think there’s enough trailer trash in Guerneville. All we need now is the stench on McDonalds permeating the air. This town is over flowing with homeless pot heads as it is. Just cause no one here wants to work doesn’t mean the rest of us need to wallow in your filth.Your nasty. Have some class or move to Hayward..

  5. I can agree Guerneville could balance foodie options with something affordable for Locals & Tourist alike. But by no means would i stand for any more corporate fast food chains which are min wage jobs & unhealthy.

    I support Independent entreprenuers! We are also surrounded by an abundance of local Farms ie:, & Family Fisherman. Seafood makes sense to me as we are a coastal county! Besides SOURCING LOCALLY keeps money local & cuts on the distribution chain which helps the environment too!

    Guerneville is fast becoming a Foodie Destination & I’m all for Variety, Heck I even welcome more Gourmet Food Trucks with affordable options one on every block !

    Go Guerneville

  6. I hear ya but I also think that higher end restaurants bring tourists and jobs that pay better than minimum wage. Gville is becoming the new healdsburg And I know that has people worried. But McDonald’s and empty storefronts not only hurt the town but also the whole county as a visitor destination. You guys have a great Safeway one of the best taco trucks in the county and I know there are specials at many restaurants for locals during the week. They rely on locals to support them in the off season. I’m not belittling your concern dee. But I’m just not sure fast food is the answer. Lemme keep thinking about this. It’s a good point.

  7. I don’t think this town needs a Seafood rest. We need something that is cheap and brings jobs to our town, this place is not either. I’m sure it’s not going to be something the average guernevillian can afford, why not a Mc Donald’s or another “cheaper” place to eat for us low income people. Like most of our population, no we keep getting these gourmet type expensive places. Subway was a attempt, but I’m not one for processed meats and it didn’t help much in the job dept. I know the Gay population has a lot to do with these fancy places here now, that’s fine. But even it out for the other half of the population of this town. I miss the MOAB, I’m sure not many know what I’m talking about. Long ago next to where the old Chevron station was in gville, one of the first gay couples opened a burger place there. It was the bomb, they had the best burgers and portioned plates of food this town ever had. MOAB meaning was, meal on a bun. I don’t know what happen to the place, but I miss it big time. Even Garden Grill doesn’t compare to what the MOAB had, now there’s no other BBQ type places here. Lets make locals happy too, not just about tourists and there $. My opinion.

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