Sprenger’s Tap room to open in Santa Rosa

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

If there’s one thing that’s surviving the recession, it’s bars. Specifically ones focused on beer.

BiteClub’s heard rumors of two brewpubs in development (one in Sebastopol, one in Windsor) and now, there’s word that Sprenger’s Tap Room is slated to open in the Brickyard Center across from Macy’s in downtown Santa Rosa in January(ish).

It’s a collaborative project between Kevin Sprenger (a former co-owner of Doc Holliday’s) and biz partners Robert Braun and Mark
Bozin. Sprenger tells Biteclub he’s planning to have about 30 beers on tap, big screen TV’s and most likely a pool table and shuffleboard.

He’s rehabbing the former Evolution Yoga Studio. Which just happens to be around the corner from the SRJC Culinary Center and Cafe — a massive culinary space that will go vacant after the JC moves out in late December for their new digs on Mendocino Ave.

Speaking of which…downtown Santa Rosa’s Anna Purna has been dark for several months, with a sign that suggests they’ll reopen at a later date. Though that date has come and gone. Also closed…Charlie’s Serious Chili Dogs on Santa Rosa
Avenue has also shuttered, but the owner hopes to make a go of his hot dog business with a mobile unit in the near future.

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  1. Why don’t they clean up their patron’s vomit? Makes it so unappetizing to walk up and see the barf in front of the adjacent businesses.

  2. wow, you are bitter. Get some help. life is to short. Forgive dude..

  3. sprenger’s is AWESOME!!!!! Best bar in town. ohh and they have 3-4 screens playing anything from the Giant’s game to basketball. 40 beers on tap. friendly staff and comfortable environment. COULDN’T ASK MORE FROM A BAR! this is the best addition to Santa Rosa i’ve seen yet. Going back tomorrow night.

  4. Looking forward to it too. I do agree it’s about live music, dancing and fun. If you want TV then maybe….at home. Ya maybe TV’s are fine and I like watching sports but when entertainment, music, socializing is your game then fun can be on tap. I wish them good luck and my band will be there to play. wilsonhukillblues.com

  5. How to ruin a bar — have no T.V.s at all. The whole point of going out is having what you don’t have at home, which includes beer on tap, friends over, and a game or 2 to watch at all times.

  6. Uh, isn’t that kind of the point of a bar? For dudes to sit around watching sports and not talking to each other?

  7. How to ruin a new bar: Install a television, no, televisions. What happened to social networking for real?

  8. I was in Charlie’s on the last day (Nov 30) He is going to take his truck out by the airport once he gets his permits together. He said he has a guy working on a website for him and will also set up a facebook to announce when & where he’ll be. Best chili dogs in SoCo by far

  9. You see how this goes?

  10. Me, too! Spill the rumors.

  11. Not hurting just not supporting the venture. Good luck and remember to say thank you. It’s important and often overlooked.. Business owners step on toes sometimes I know but at the same time when one gets too busy to show appreciation it’s time for that owner to take a look in the mirror. ¬† Especially when people are volunteering their time.¬†Good luck Kev and have fun.

  12. Sprenger is the man! I wish his new venture great success. Dissatisfied has got a lot of balls leaving that kind of reply on this article. Sprenger knows what he is doing. I hope that he can get some local microbrews on tap as well! Best of luck.

  13. I don’t know who u are but if Kevin didn’t thank you the you must have been a total ass! The Kevin I know would thank the guy robbing him for leaving. Whoever you are, look in the mirror and figure out what made you such a jerk that you would try to hurt someone so honest and true. And I have never left his presents without him telling me how much he appreciates me. Even when I did nothing but buy a beer.

  14. Too bad Kevin isn’t with Doc Hollidays anymore, research is always good journalism. Kevin is a schmooze when it comes to making money, but when people help him out, its a thankless job, and often pay-less. Watch out for Sprenger. If you read this Kevin, be sure to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE who helps you out. I know that I will not be supporting any of your business ventures after working with you on the Doc’s project. Full of demands and requests, but lacking appreciation for those who take time out to help.

  15. I want to hear more about the rumored new brewpubs in Sebastopol and Windsor – details please!

  16. Can’t wait to come check out Sprenger’s when it opens!

  17. Please tell more of Charlie’s Serious Hot Dogs!!!!

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