Syrah to become Petite Syrah?

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

From the rumor mill: Big news from one of Santa Rosa’s favorite chefs: Josh Silvers says that after twelve years, it’s time for big changes at his destination-restaurant, Syrah Bistro.

Now don’t panic, because the Syrah you love isn’t totally going away. Think of it as a sort of restaurant Botox.

Come spring, the Railroad Square eatery is set to be transformed with a new look, new small plates menu and new name — Petite Syrah. Silvers and his staff are currently working on the new menu and working with a designer on the interior concept for the restaurant. Fans shouldn’t worry much, however, because Silvers plans to make the turnaround quickly, with only a week or so of down time at the restaurant.

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  1. Woooo Hoooo! Just in time for Mother’s Day!!!

  2. Ah, just in time for Mother’s Day!!!

  3. This sounds like it is going to be great.

  4. Will the prices reflect the smaller plates?
    I would love to enjoy a little of Syrah flavor at a fraction of the cost !

    Best of luck Josh and crew !

  5. Can’t wait! Willi’s does not own the small plates concept. While I love Syrah, I am excited to see what he does next. I love his innovative spirit and his willingness to take risks and evolve. Jackson’s is a hit and I’m sure this one will be too!

  6. Cheers to Josh, Reg and Staff! I will be anxiously awaiting the unveiling. Josh always does it right.

  7. Really oughta be Petite Sirah

  8. Change is good people.

  9. Thanks for the update Ken. Josh has promised me some first bites of the menu when they get it worked out, so stay tuned!

  10. I just hope they will still serve good portions all these ‘new’ restaurants like doing “small” plates because it reduces overhead cost. So, please syrah don’t get all avant garde with tiny servings. The locals will appreciate it.

  11. I hope they don’t loose the outside feeling inside the courtyard. I love eating there on cold nights, closest to outside dining we can get in the winter.

  12. Syrah will remain Syrah for a bit longer, definitely through Restaurant Week. We are looking for a change in April. Until then, its business as usual and we would love to see you!

    As to the tasting menu, who said it was going anywhere? :)

    And finally, thanks to everyone who has supported us all these years. If you have tried and loved Josh’s food, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

    Ken Goldfine
    General Manager
    Syrah Restarants

  13. @Toni: agree +100 because Syrah is already world-class.

    Although, if the small plates even somewhat resemble anything from their 4-course chef’s tasting menu, it could get ridiculous around there.

    I heart Josh’s grub.

  14. Great idea, if it ain’t broke: fix it. Syrah is one of the best restaurants quite possibly on the West Coast, why try to ape Willi’s?

  15. Will it still be Syrah while Restaurant week is going or will the change be sooner than that?

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