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Donut Cafe | Santa Rosa

Donuts so good even doctors can’t resist them

Buddha’s Hand Cake with Rangpur Lime Butttercream Recipe

Exotic citrus makes this cake extraordinary

Pink Box Baking Company

Bennett Valley just got a whole lot sweeter

Sift Expanding Cupcake Empire

The cupcake empire continues to grow. Plus ice cream sammies, cake shakes and more

Goat’s Milk Panna Cotta w/ Fresh Cherries Recipe

Fresh goat-milk pudding with brandy-soaked cherries

Sonoma County Pastry Chefs

Delicious desserts abound in Sonoma County

Cyrus Pastry Chef Nicole Plue

Healdsburg’s Nicole Plue at Cyrus Restaurant lets her desserts do the talking

Sift Cupcake & Dessert Bar: Six new desserts

Whoopie cookies, macarons, profiteroles, frosting shots and cupcake truffles get added to the Sift menu

Citrus Shortbread Cups | Holiday Cookies

There’s a lot going on in these little cookie cups — shortbread, nuts and chocolate chips. Tasters were mixed on their affinity toward them, but if you’re a shortbread fan, it’s worth trying these intriguing little treats.

Cashew Crusted Guava Cream Cookies | Holiday Cookies

Exotic flavors give these cookies an island feel

Petaluma Pie | Petaluma

Pie is the new cupcake in Petaluma

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies | Holiday Cookies

Super soft and decadent. And that’s from someone who doesn’t usually do peanut butter. Extra love for the sugar tops.

Soda Cracker Toffee Bark | Holiday Cookies

Okay, suspend disbelief for a minute. This one sounds crazy, but like tomato soup cake, ends up remarkably well. The salty soda crackers give the toffee a solid base and add some savory to what could be mind-bendingly sweet.

Cherry Chocolate Bites | Holiday Cookies

Little drop cookies are cute as a bug, and even better if you want to add a little chocolate ganache to sweeten things up. I like ‘em plain and simple — just pop one in your mouth and keep on ho ho ho-ing!

Cherry Biscotti | Holiday Cookies

Italian cookies are sturdy, not too sweet and perfect for sitting round the fire or sharing with friends.

Almond Joyous Cookies | Holiday Cookies

These little cookies end up tasting a whole lot like the coconut almond candies you love.

Date Balls | Holiday Cookies

This simple recipe took some trial and error to get right, but the outcome makes for a tasty treat with a little crunch.

Aunt Ellie’s Lemon Bars | Holiday Cookies

These easy-to-make lemon bars are a crowd-pleaser with their bold flavor, citrusy aroma and light crust.

Sebastopol Applesauce Cookies

A healthier take on holiday cookies, this recipe incorporates applesauce and whole wheat flour for a hearty, cake-like drop cookie.

Brown Butter Spoon Cookies | Holiday Cookies

These are amazing little shortbread-like cookies that get better after a few days.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Waffle Cookies | Holiday Cookies

These are amazingly fast and easy to make. They’re best still warm.

Cashew Carmel Bites | Holiday Cookies

These are super sweet little gems and a little goes a long way. But who can resist cookies made with homemade cashew butter?

Cherry Toffee Oatmeal

These crispy oatmeal cookies are a great alternative to the traditional

Cranberry Orange Almond Cookies | Holiday Cookies

Fresh cranberries make these cookies some of the best we’ve tried

Raspberry Ribbons | Holiday Cookies

Kids and adults love these buttery, soft cookies filled with raspberry