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Secret Sushi Returns

Takeshi Uchida at Fresh

Shimo’s $7.95 Noodle Bar

Cyrus chef’s thrifty noodle bar with all the trimmings

Shabu Shabu at Hana

Japanese hot pot at Rohnert Park sushi spot

Shimo Modern Steak| Healdsburg

Japanese inspired steakhouse is Chef Douglas Keane’s sharpest endeavors.

Sushiko | Rohnert Park

RP sushi sleeper

Morimoto | Napa

Exceptionally un-Wine Country, Morimoto is Japanese cuisine from the Iron-est of Chefs

Hana Sushi | Rohnert Park

Hana Sushi: Sonoma County’s best sushi spot

Tosaki Sushi

It used to be that you could pretty much throw a slab of raw fish at me and I’d clap my hands in joy — kind of like a sea lion. I’m over it. Truth is that like taquerias, there are far too many Japanese-style eateries churning out mediocre imitations of the real deal in [...]