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The Smoked Olive: Smoked olive oil made in Petaluma

Owners of The Smoked Olive, an artisan smoked olive oil made in Sonoma count Chefs Tyler Florence, Michael Chiarello and Barack Obama among their culinary fans.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Cook Them

Road Trip: Sunday night red-eye from SFO to JFK; mythical quantities of food and booze; a cumulative loss of sleep bordering on some chapter in FM 34-52, the field manual of interrogation techniques. Many of my best and oldest friends and much personal history remain rooted in the concrete canyons of Manhattan, so normally I’d [...]

A Seasonal Twist on the Tuna Sandwich

Of the many things not to like about a crappy job market, working longer hours for less money has to be near the top of the list; worse still, however, are the all-too-inevitable hours spent working for nothing, the hours spent trying to secure employment instead of actually doing something productive, like riding your bike [...]

Good Food, Good Intentions: Resolute Eats for the New Year

Hawk’s Feather Olive Oil, Spices and a new chef in the Peter Lowell’s kitchen

The Costco Report

Love Soup with Chive OilThe Costco Report: A recurring, if episodic, column devoted to ferreting out the more promising offerings, as well as to warding off the worst of the hazards. This Week’s Pick: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, at about $7/liter.

Olive Oil: 10 top artisan producers in Wine Country

Where to find the best artisan olive oil in Sonoma & Wine Country