The Taco Bike

Monday, June 7th, 2010

The brilliantly-conceived Frankenbaby of a taqueria and a tricycle, Todd Barricklow’s Taco Bike is taking street food to it’s next logical step: A complete mini-kitchen on wheels.

It’s both simple and incredibly ambitious, kind of like all of Barricklow’s mobile creations. The Santa Rosa artist has already created a number of freak bikes, soldering bits and pieces of metal and machine together to craft hybrid multi-use vehicles, including the Two Penny, a mega-trike (made for the 2009 Handcar Regatta) with 8-foot high wheels and his family’s own one-of-a-kind cargo-hauling bikes.

But the Taco Bike is a beast of a different sort.

After a friend complained about stringent health-code restrictions on street vendors, Barricklow struck on the idea of building a human-powered mobile kitchen that would include a hot-water hand-washing station, grey-water tank, commercial-grade cutting surfaces, hot griddle and specialized tray to keep cold items, well, cold. He even built in a pay-station for customers to push their bills into an enclosed safe so the food handler doesn’t have to touch the money (a health issue). What happens if you don’t have correct change? Barricklow says that’s where the community aspect comes to play — you’ll have to hit up someone else in line to help you out.

The Taco Bike will soon prowl the streets of San Francisco, commissioned by forward-thinking seafood spot, Weird Fish restaurant.

Want one of your own? Builds start at about $5,000.

More details: Contact Todd at

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  1. Love the taco bike can u make me one love to have one

  2. There is plenty of space for product in the prep table, plus enough space below for a good size cooler. Rider will need a break before running out of food for sure.

  3. Looks real cool, but where do you carry enough product to feed a mass of people too? It’s like bringing the barby to the grill out but forgetting the hambugers, buns, chip and dip. I guess you’d have to tow a cooler?

  4. Hey what about a hot dog bike… or better yet a wiener bike

  5. cool beans!

  6. I changed it. Thanks.

  7. Yeah, it’s an amazing bike. They just got a little plug in Maker Magazine, too. Watch out world!

  8. Wow, I have been in the hospitality/food service industry since I was 10 and I know a fair amount of craftsman who have created custom tools, but this might be the coolest “tool” I have ever seen. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and quite functional, it just looks Hella fun to ride and make folks happy with!

  9. Let’s see Lance Armstrong ride that bike and stay clean.

  10. URL is fine, goes to his website. Taco bike rules!!

  11. Meh. killing time studios dot com.

  12. The URL in the article doesn’t seem valid. Try

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