Tlayuda Oaxacan Pizzas

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Do you tlayuda?
Often referred to as a Mexican pizza, these Oaxacan specialties are crispy flour tortillas topped with a schmear of refried beans, lettuce, carnitas, Mexican cheese, avocado and, if you’re lucky, a dribble of pork lard. Unless you’re a native, they’ll usually ask before adding the lard, but insiders know to ask for “asiento”.

Feeling adventurous? Try it at Tacos Carrenos, a taco truck parked at 5503 Old Redwood Highway in Santa Rosa. Tlayuda are $10.99 each, but big enough to share. You can also find tlayuda at Agave Mexican Restaurant, 1063 Vine St., Healdsburg.

(Thanks, Emily, for finding this terrific spot! Got a spot you’d like me to check out? Email me at

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  1. I’m limiting myself to one tlayuda per week. Otherwise I’d be there daily. I think I’m addicted to asiento.

  2. Went for take-out lunch today with my boss. Tlayuda (carnitas) was amazing. We were the envy of our lunchroom.

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