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Flavored Vodkas from Bacon to Fruit Loops

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert in a glass.

Jerky of the Month Club

Forget Slim Jims, this is how Wine Country does jerky.

Fresh corn and flour tortillas

Finding fresh, hot tortillas isn’t that hard. But finding really good ones…well, that’s another story.

Knock Knock Santa Rosa

Knock Knock Santa Rosa will deliver just about anything to your doorstep between 9am and 3am daily.

Jellies, jams & condiments in Sonoma County

Why not enjoy the fruits another’s labor?. Seasons seeks out sweet and savory preserves that always taste like summer.

Sophie’s Cellars

Wine Shop to the Bohemian Grove.

Saving Gleason Ranch

A family works to save their Sonoma County farm, Gleason Ranch, by raising heritage poultry. Will it work?

Local CSAs: Your little piece of the farm

The kind of glee that CSA bags can instill in even the most jaded of fast-foodies is rather remarkable to watch. Just ask my children, who before last summer eyed anything green or leafy with serious suspicion. They now clamor for kale, organic carrots and fresh apples. Miraculous

Zin’s Secret Brownie Sundae

Zin Restaurant’s Brownie Sundae, plus more great Wine Country spots to grab a killer brownie

Best Bread: Celebrate the yeast feast

Best Bread & Bakeries in Wine Country and Sonoma County

Olive Oil: 10 top artisan producers in Wine Country

Where to find the best artisan olive oil in Sonoma & Wine Country

Clover Kefir

Yogurt probiotic from Clover

Eating through Sonoma County’s Farm Markets

Tasting through the farmer’s markets in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol

Whoopie Pies

Move over cupcakes. The darling of the pastry-set these days are Whoopie Pies, a less precious, more lunchbox-friendly marriage of cake and cream.

Corned Beef

Best corned beef

Whiskey A Go-Go

Love whiskey? Even know what whiskey is (and isn’t)? A primer on this ancient drink and where to get it.

Gourmet salts: A season for seasoning

Flavored salts

Valentine’s Day treats from Sonoma County (mostly)

Romantic treats for Valentine’s Day from the bounty of the county

Fancy Food Show 2009: Your edible future

Fancy Food Show 2009: Weird, wacky, wonderful

Search for Spatzle


Secret Doughman: Zix Treats

Zix Treats: Sebastopol CPA turned semi-pro baker bakes up micro-batches of complex, herb-infused treats in a borrowed commercial kitchen. Getting a box is strictly a word-of-mouth affair.

Eau de Flame Broiled?

Want to smell like a Whopper?

Sweet Treats for the holidays

When it comes to holiday treats, call in the professionals.

Viva Cocolat

You. Someone special. A pot of fancy melted chocolate, bananas and two forks on a Saturday night. Let the games begin. The deets: Chocolate fondue in milk, dark or white chocolate for two with cake, cookies, fruit and other dip-ables. $18 for more fun than should be legal on Friday and Saturday evenings. Reservations recommended. [...]

Eat this now: Insalata Caprese

“Meh” is about the only word I can think of to describe my feelings about eating out lately. When the bounty of summer threatens to overwhelm my refrigerator it seems criminally wasteful to let so much good food go to waste. Well-meaning friends overwhelm my cupboards with figs, zucchini and tomatoes. A former PD employee [...]