Yeti Nepalese in Glen Ellen

Monday, April 21st, 2008

New life continues to spring into Glen Ellen’s Jack London Village, which is threatening to become a full-fledged foodie mecca. The newest tenant, set for a May opening, is Yeti Restaurant, serving high-end Indian and Nepalese dishes.

ran into owner Narayan Somname putting the finishing touches on the
small, but what looks to be a well-appointed restaurant on Friday
during a post-BBQ pork nacho break while eating at Bluegrass Bar and Grill.
(More details coming) Hailing from Nepal, Narayan is a relatively
recent arrival to Sonoma County, having run a restaurant in Japan.

pre-opening menu looks promising, with the usual suspects–pakoras,
momo, dal, tikka masala, vindaloo and tandoori. But Somname’s bucking
for more than the usual take-out style fare (and the prices reflect
that, ranging from about $13 to $22 for entrees). Also on the menu are
intriguing-sounding entrees like the Lobster Yeti Special (coconut cream, fresh basil, tomatoes and chili with lobster), Honey Butter Naan, Dall Makhni (simmered lentils with onions, chili, ginger, cream, butter and cilantro) and Kashmiri Pilai (rice cooked with spices, garlic, cashews, almons, fried onions and raisins).

Hungry yeti?

The lively weekend action, from whiskey tastings to live music at Olive and Vine keep things hopping after dinner. Stay tuned.

Yeti Restaurant, Jack London Village (scheduled to open in early May, 2008), 707.996.9930.

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