Ad Hoc Restaurant Yountville

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Ad Hoc

Ad Hoc is here to stay. Though the restaurant was only supposed to be a temporary experiment, Thomas Keller’s home-style prix-fix diner has settled in for the long haul after enthusiastic eaters practically mobbed the place.

Unlike other chef-lebrities who’ve lowered standards to accommodate eager fans, Keller’s trademark perfectionism at Ad Hoc is evident in everything from the attentive (but casual) service to the family-style entrees that manage to be both elegant and homey at the same time. Dishes are served family style, so get cozy.

Don’t miss dishes: Buttermilk fried chicken

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  1. On the first time that I have been here, I didn’t thought that it is a restaurant. It looks to me like a bowling alley on my first time there. But I really guarantee you that the food is superb and exquisite that you will forget you are alive!! :)

    “Jessie” for réchaud gaz 

  2. Still rockin. I’ve been back a bunch of times and the food is solid as ever.

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