BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse to Coddingtown

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Word has just come in that Coddingtown Mall will be adding a BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse near the mall’s renovated North Entrance. The restaurant is slated to open in 2012 when renovations on the 49-year-old Santa Rosa mall are complete.

According to representatives of Coddingtown, “The new BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse, planned for the North exterior side of the mall near the main entrance, will be approximately 9,500 square feet.  It will have a capacity for approximately 280 guests, and will feature BJ’s extensive menu including BJ’s signature deep-dish pizza, award-winning handcrafted beer and famous Pizookie(R) dessert. BJ’s highly detailed, contemporary decor and unique video statement, including BJ’s 103″ plasma display as well as several high-definition flat panel televisions, will create a high energy, fun and family-friendly dining environment for everyone to enjoy.”

A sketch of the new restaurant space shows it located  east of the new north entrance, which faces Guerneville Road. Coddingtown publicist Julia Rachlin said no current tenants are vacating to make room for the restaurant.  “As far as BJ’s, the restaurant will mostly be new build and then the mall is shifting some space inside to accommodate part of the restaurant, but no current tenants will be leaving, including Sweet River Grill.”

Ernesto Olivares, the mayor of Santa Rosa said, “This is great news for Santa Rosa and the Coddingtown area. It not only stresses our commitment to redevelopment investment in public infrastructure to expedite the re-tenanting of vacant space, it also reinforces that our community remains a desired destination for key restaurant and retail uses.”

“We are very excited about BJ’s Restaurant and what it means for Coddingtown Mall,”   said John Phipps, senior vice president of development at Simon.  “The mall’s agreement with the City will facilitate utility upgrades that are necessary to support both a signature restaurant like BJs and other key tenants interested in Coddingtown Mall.   We greatly appreciate the City’s support of our efforts to attract new business to the Santa Rosa community.”

“The opening of a quality restaurant like BJ’s is important in many ways for Sonoma County, including the creation of approximately 200 jobs during construction and then another 220 positions when the restaurant opens. As the tenant mix at Coddingtown continues to strengthen, we are thrilled to see new interest from other high quality retail and restaurants for the mall,” said Lois Codding of Codding Enterprises.

In April, Simon Property Group and Codding Enterprises announced the planned renovation of the 841,000 square foot regional mall, anchored by JCPenney and Macy’s.

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  1. except the fact that their staff is full of exconvicts

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  2. I am a local businessman and employ 47 people full time. I don’t know a lot about the Restraunt business, but I do know business very well. Here’s the deal. BJ’S will employ 220 people. They will grow from there too. They will sustain beverage companies, paper goods companies, glass-ware, linen and clothing companies too. They will give some young Men and Women a reason to get up and gp forth in this world. They will instill a work ethic and and help make someone’s dream come true. These employees will noyt worrie about where the rent is coming from, where their children’s next meal will come from, and will walk a bit taller and have a bit nore confidence in themselfs. For this , and if only for this….I am thankful the BJ’S has chosen Santa Rosa for a new location. The food is good. The Beer good. The atmosphire good. The opportunity for our young( and not so young) people …excellent.

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    • Very well put Thumper!

    • I second that, the place is jumping with hard working kids…

  3. There’s 2 BJ’s in Silicon Valley from where I just recently moved, one in South San Jose & another one in Cupertino. The beer’s are nothing to get excited about, compared to Russian River & Lagunitas. The food won’t blow anyone’s mind, compared to excellent cuisine available in the Sonoma region. The only reason I ever went to BJ’s when I lived in Mountain View & Santa Clara was because they carried a decent selection of Belgian beers, never went there for the cuisine. The great beer is actually next door, at the Whole Foods taproom. Just hope all the parking spots don’t get used up in the ensuing madness.

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  4. This creates jobs people! Stop being so negative…

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  5. When I heard that BJs was coming to Coddington Mall I was overjoyed!!! That mall needs serious help and BJs restaurant will bring a revitalized atmosphere to the entire area. You don’t go to the mall for local enterprises, what a bonehead comment, unless it’s the 99 cent only store! Russian River Brewery rocks and would not be as cool as it is in mall setting. Now that great changes are on the way why not go all the way and get rid of that 1960’s space race satellite sign that says Coddington one side and Mall on the other. It doesn’t look retro it just looks old and antiquated.

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  6. I’ve never been to a BJ’s before. I will definetley try it out. The americans loves to drink..this is

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    • It’s not just a bar. What an ignorant statement for you to make.

  8. Wow, based on most comments here it sounds like everyone would prefer a ‘local’ place which equates to Coddingtown never improving. I grew up in SR but I’m glad I left an area where people are clearly stuck in the past. Fortunately Coddingtown is trying to move away from that by taking action.

    But, maybe, if you all boycott BJs it will close and Coddingtown will continue to decline. Then it will eventually become a ghetto wasteland full of really cool stuff like graffiti and crime. Property values in the entire area would also suffer and everyone will continue to support all the ‘local’ big box retailers and restaurants on Santa Rosa Avenue. Yeah, that would be so much better than a national chain restaurant coming to Coddingtown. How dare they mess with Santa Rosa!

    And not hire locally? Why wouldn’t they hire people who LIVE in SR? I sure hope I read that incorrectly.

    Sad, sad day.

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    • You’ve spoken too soon. BJ’s always incorporates local sources for everything. They will be employing a local brewer to make their in-house beer as well as offering all the local microbrews that will supply them like any other local pub. They have a really good menu and they are not overpriced. Everything they make is fresh to order and darn good. They are actually a perfect fit for the local market. It will be very popular and make the pie bigger rather than stealing a piece of the pie from others. I guarantee you will like it. There’s lots of good jobs there and out of town workers are just going to be there to bring local talent up to speed on the operation of the business. So please don’t knee jerk react without really knowing. BJ’s is a major positive for Coddingtown and will surely become the most popular restaurant in the entire complex.

    • My apologies; my comments are very sarcastic and I wrote them out of haste when I read through the article and subsequent comments. I’m actually very pleased with the coming of BJ’s to Coddingtown as I’ve visited my local BJ’s restaurant here in Seattle a couple times now. Overall, I’m thrilled with the renovation plans for the mall.

      I was trying to convey in my original post that if people continue to oppose the changes/additions to Coddingtown then it will simply continue to decline. I tried to paint a picture of what that looks like (crime, graffiti, etc.) to support what would happen if nothing happens to Coddingtown.

      I’m sure BJ’s will be a success in SR despite those who are against a ‘national chain’ coming into town. No offense to the local restaurants but they don’t always cut it; I won’t subject myself to something I don’t enjoy just because of a silly principle.

    • No you had it right, LETS CAMP OUT IN FRONT OF BJ’S!!! OCCUPY BJ’S COMMENCE!!! Their food is ok at best, their beer sucks. Russian River Brewery is right up the street for christ sake LOL!!! Drink swill or drink legit micro brew. such a hard decision. you cant touch the drew bites BJ’S!!!

    • PS. Property values already suck on that side of town. I wouldnt even rent there if you paid me.

  9. With so much local talent, the national and impersonal Simons who are calling the shots will add one more nail into the creation of mediocrity in Santa Rosa. I miss the little Hofbraus that was Narsi’s. It may not have been even close to the best hoffbrau I’ve eaten at, but it was good, friendly and had personality. Too bad it will be replaced with expensive efficiency that makes large profits for a company with no connection to our local community. Not that I have any strong opinions.

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    • @ Jerry – yes! Thank you!

  10. The only restaurant I’ve been to where I sent the food back. Was unimpressed with everything, especially the high prices. This is one place to avoid. The beer selection is great, but expensive.

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    • I ate at the BJ’s in San Rafael two weeks ago. What a lousy place,. Yes there are huge tv screens in each wall that continually play. You can’t get away from them. Hospitality was terrible. I waited at the reception desk to be seated. Finally the girl came over.. No greeting. just told me to go sit the bar. I told her that I did not want to sit at the bar. Oh, there’s some tables up there. The place was not busy so that cannot be used as an excuse. Finally she showed me to a table near the bar.

      Menu is huge like Cheesecake’s. I ordered the Santa Fe salad. Vegetables very fresh. Shrimp barely cooked, more raw than grilled. Dressing tasteless. For this and an ice tea I paid $20 ,00 . Will not go back to a place that has all tv’s (2 on each wall) and lousy food.

  11. Sounds like an interesting concept but I personally don’t want to dine where there are a lot of tv screens, just not my thing. I’m guessing that they want to be a sports bar/pub without necessarily promoting that fact. Best of luck to them.

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  12. Whole Foods is the only thing making Coddingtown look different from a ghost town. I think the day of the mega mall has come and gone. People want a door they can drive up to. It will be interesting to see if BJ’s can help Coddingtown or will get gobbled up by it. Maybe it will have its own door.

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  13. oh and by the way, I said that first. If I wasn’t unemployed, it would be copyright by now.

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  14. Hey folks calm down. It’s jobs. Boycott them if they don’t hire local, period.

    If employers want us to Play Local and Shop Local they best be prepared to Hire Local.

    Recovery only happens when all play the same game.

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  15. Why would you all begrudge more tax dollars coming into your city. I have sampled two BJ’s now and they are nice change from the same old same. You should welcome the funds!

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  16. Sonoma county is not the best place to bring in a chain brewery. Especially right next door to whole foods which has some of the best brews on tap from the local fantastic brew pubs. They wont last long here. They should have brought in the cheesecake factory

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    • Blasphemy Tom! Americans love this lard laden cuisine. Plenty of corn syrup added to loads of trans-fats, mmmmmmnn delicious! I sure hope they install the extra wide seats so we can really enjoy stuffing this garbage down our already flabby swollen throats!

    • Trout

      Whats it to you if somebody eats trans fat and corn syrup? Seriously. You might be a little more happier if you paid more attention to your own life than trying to control the actions of others you don’t know.

      I dare you to pull that attitude to someone IN PERSON. IT wouldn’t happen because you seem like a bitter old miserable coward.

      Trust me, nobody cares what you eat- NOBODY. You’d make a great Nazi back in the day

      Please move to North Korea


    • Great response Tom!!!! you are an amazing troll. Threatening someone to talk to you like that in person? never heard that on the internet before. Go back to the hole you came from(Let me guess… Lake County? Maybe that marvelous town they call clear lake?)

      Thank you,


      PS – Tom, you suck

    • Totally, I could tell by the packed restaurant, and the hour long wait that no one here is interested. I’m sure they’l l fail soon.

    • and a PIZOOKIE!

    • Tom
      way to call the kettle black.

  17. Heather,

    I was being sarcastic. When you say “take out your bitterness on someone else” you imply that you know my mental state and appear to beleive that I came in here in a negative mood looking for someone to dump on. Not true. Clicked on the Bite Club link in a perfectly fine mood, bitter about nothing. After reading the BJ’s entry I felt annoyed that my local paper, which I pay to subscribe to, is promoting a large chain restaurant set to open at the mall. So I posted a sarcastic comment. End of story. Continue to post about large chain openings,it’s a free country, but please refrain from attempting to get inside my head based on a one line post. I think it is lame that you cover chain openings, period.

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    • Wow peter,

      We live in a free country, if the chain has money, and wants to invest in Sonoma county, they can go anywhere they damned well please.Far left progressive thinking like yours is really helping the economy right now , isnt it?

      You seem like a repressed bitter old man. ( that of a Piece of c&%% stinky hipster).

      Please move to china,


  18. NEWS FLASH! Chain restaurant to open at the mall! What would we do without you Heather?

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    • Take out your bitterness on someone else, i’m guessing. Glad to be of service.

    • I love FOOD also. That’s why I won’t be eating at B.J.’s!

  19. Oh great, great. If Coddingtown wasn’t already a s@$thole. Just because people (developers) are trying to spin this as something to celebrate, please don’t be fooled: it’s not.

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  20. I’m all for having another brewery in town. Can’t wait.

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  21. Heather – did you love Hole in the Wall? Thanks to your article last week we had breakfast there over the weekend. Ohhhhh, the biscuits and gravy!!!

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    • Hey Megan…yeah i went yesterday for breakfast and LOVED it. Hoping to stop by for dinner so i can give a more comprehensive report. Really impressed.

  22. The most important part of this article is that it indicates the arrival of the PIZOOKIE in Sonoma County, which I will now be naming my first born child even though it is apparently trademarked.

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    • The Pizookie (without the TM symbol) has been in Sonoma County for a damned long time.

      Union Hotel in Occidental (and more recently at their outpost in Santa Rosa).

  23. What happened to the rumored arrival of Cheesecake Factory?

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  24. Bring it on….Glad to see another place like this in SR chain or not.

    For those “missing” Narsi’s, I’m sure if you visit a local retirement home they can recommend a place with luke warm, overpriced food with clientele in 80 year old and up range.

    I say we need a Dave & Buster’s next!

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  25. So, Coddingtown Mall gets their Cheesecake Factory after all, it’s just named BJ’s instead. I’d probably drive to Novato to hit Moylan’s before I’d sheeple into BJ’s. I’ll betcha Mr. Narsi doesn’t patronize BJ’s either!

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  26. I, for one, am very excited to see BJ’s coming to Santa Rosa and I even live in Healdsburg and frequent the Bear Republic weekly. The pizza is good and it’ll probably be a hell of a lot easier getting a table there than at RRBC (excellent beer and pizza but, as noted previously, always PACKED). I wish them the best of luck, especially if it helps attract better tenants to Coddingtown.

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    • OH GO YOU MUST BE JOKING HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I would wait in line for 30 min in order to drink true award winning craft beers , also new belgium and BOMB food from Bear Rep. As for RRBC I know its packed but just order a Pliny and let the anxiety melt away. usually bar seats are easy to pilfer. B.J’s isnt good. I would have been more impressed with a bakers square……

    • Kyle you’re so rediculous … First of all. Bjs beers have won awards in several microbrew contests. They now have several guest taps even been luck enough to have Pliny the elder before. The food is impressive. I would never work anywhere I didn’t love the food. Worked there 4 years and still have regulars, always busy, and always updating and changing the menu. And bakers square really? Next time you’ll post how much you love Denny’s

  27. Heather, we appreciate your telling us, but don’t really appreciate what you told us. But this is the Codding thing. Very little taste.

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  28. I noticed a sign for Panera Bread at Steele Lane and Mendocino. That plus Ike’s will raise the sandwich game a bit.

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  29. This place is comparable to Moylan’s in Novato, with about a dozen beers on tap, some seasonal. There is a BJ’s in San Rafael at Northgate next to Macy’s, should you want to check it out before the one in Santa Rosa opens.

    RR Brewery-too loud, hectic-staff too. Bar full of the pretentious beer types.
    Bear Republic-Meh (Applebee’s type) food, good beer great wait staff.
    3rd Street-decent burgers, good beer, apathetic staff.

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  30. Santa Rosa should be happy with a BJ’s Rohnert Park is getting a Hooters! All chains yes but remember it could always be worse!!!

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  31. I love RRBC beer, but their refusal to consider expanding their seating capacity and their slow, forgetful, overworked and often unfriendly servers bring them down a lot. 3rd st. doesnt have very good beer, hopmonk is overpriced on everything but their housebrew and bear republic is good but I often dont feel like driving to healdsburg and hassle with parking downtown. I welcome Bjs as another alternative.

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    • I agree with everything you just said completely, its like were sharing a brain right now

    • except fort he parking comment, plenty of parking behind Bear Rep.

  32. Well I’m behind the times. A chain restaurant that makes microbrew to compete with Russian River Brewing, 3rd Street Aleworks, Hopmonk Tavern, Bear Republic, I don’t think so. Of course Simon will get their money, that’s all they care about.

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  33. This is just ridiculous. We already have the tap room inside Whole Foods & a GREAT brewery up in Healdsburg. Now the Simon Group is going to add a sh*t brewery chain right in Coddingtown? No wonder why i haven’t spent a dime in that crappy mall in over 10yrs!

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  34. Hey, I know! We could save a lot of money, time and hassle if we just print, word-for-word, the press releases we get.

    No. That’d never work.

    Or, would it?

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    • Hey Cast Iron…yes, on first pass it does appear pretty lazy.

      But I do have a rationale: My time is better spent investigating a new local restaurant like Hole in the Wall (where I was this morning) and talking to Beverage People about the entirely local Homestead Area i’m putting together for the Handcar Regatta than retyping a press release that clearly outlines the details of this restaurant chain coming to Santa Rosa. It’s pretty straightforward.

      Because this is a blog, I also like to get the information out quickly. As you may notice, this article will undergo a number of iterations as i gather more information. That’s call the Internet.

      For my money, I think more newspapers should slap up press releases about “soft” news items rather than either sitting on stories, ignoring them altogether or just retyping them up to look like “news”. Information wants to be free!

      But hey, since seem to have some time on your hands, I’m always looking for free help sussing out new restaurants. Lemme know!

    • Ignore the idle fool Heather. You give us information. And we appreciate it. :)

    • I like your rationale heather! bj’s has been arround in la for 8 years or so, it works in la because there are no brew pubs down there (or there weren’t 8 years ago). But on the I other hand maybe this will inspire our local companies to change it up.

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