Cricket Burger

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

The burger voted most likely to look like a Health Code Violation (but isn’t)….The Country Cricket Burger at Brody’s Burgers and Brews.
Part of the “Adventure Series”, the burger features all the usual suspects plus a healthy sprinkling of Bacon Cheddar Crickettes.

Not surprisingly, it hasn’t been a huge seller (BiteClub was only the second to ever request it), but packs a surprisingly tasty crunch. Just watch for the wings getting stuck in your teeth.

Pair with a $1 pint of beer to wash down those thoraxes.

Brody’s Burgers and Brews, 3135 Cleveland Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95403-2118
(707) 526-4878

UPDATE: Check out this picture of a BiteClubber eating the Cricket Burger! Send me your pics at

Author: biteclub

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  1. Yeah, why not. It’s the hot thing in China these days.

  2. Crickets?

    Why not! –

    Chocolate Covered they give a pretzel flavor when baked with sea salt before being coated in chocolate.

    They can also be dehydrated with seasonings, much like a sunflower seed you’d find at your local convenience store. (Wouldn’t it be convenient if; our local convenience store carried local food for the communities convenience?)

  3. Hoppy meal anyone?

  4. Fascinating …

  5. Wonderful! I’m an avid bug eater and I’m so glad to see them turning up occasionally on restaurant menus, even if it’s just a silly nod. Entomophagy could go a long way towards saving our broken food system by providing protein rich food using fewer resources and much less space. My dream is to open a restaurant that serves up grub tacos, stir-fried meal worms, and baked goods using ground, toasted bugs.

  6. Crunchy cricket goodness. My daughter bought some of those same Crickettes last year while on vacation. Good, solid crunch and the bacon flavor was nice. The cheese flavor was unfortunately lacking. On a cheeseburger, it would seem to be a good textural contrast and they won’t go soggy so quickly like lettuce.

  7. Extra protein! That’s what my parents said when ants visited our picnics. But crickets or other bugs in my burger? No way!!!

  8. WHY???????

  9. Yuck

  10. Are the crickets gutted? Never mind …won’t go near them.

  11. They’re flavored on the outside. I think. Frankly it was more cardboard flavored than anything. And not gross at all.

  12. Are the crickets fed bacon and cheddar or are they flavored that way?

  13. gross

  14. Extra crispy crickets and hold the cheese please.

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