Cocina Latina opens

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Mateo Granados’ new restaurant, Cocina Latina opens Sept. 16 for dinner!

After months of work, the Healdsburg restaurant will open its doors for dinner on Friday night, followed by lunch service starting Sept. 19 and brunch starting Sept. 23. Dinner hours are Friday, Saturday from 5:30 to 11pm and Sunday through Thursday from 5:30 to 10pm.

Drinkmaster Scott Beattie has consulted on a tequila cocktail menu.

214 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg

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  1. The food was just okay, have had better food truck meals… I think this place has an identity crisis… is it Mexican food or not.? The owner was there and yelling at staff ,, hmmmm wish there staff all the best.

  2. Just returned from an ok meal. The hostess, Maddy, was great, but after that it was downhill.
    our waitress was not very well informed and hard to understand. the menu choices were not well explained. No ice tea, coffe or soft drinks!!! they did manage to make one of their special drinks without the alcohol. When it was time for dessert, we were ready to go!!!!
    The restaurant is very nic, but they need to polish up the food and the help!!!

  3. I give this place two months bland food and weak drinks uugghh.

  4. Cocina Latina? More like cocina mexicana.

  5. I am excited about Mateo getting his restaurant. This is something Mateo has been working on for years. There is no one with more knowledge of food and meats and how to use every single part of the animal for all the flavors than Mateo. He will be the brightest shinning star in Healdsburg.

  6. Dismal front desk and terrible management! We arrived at 6:30, and they told us they didn’t take reservations, but a table would be ready in 30 minutes. We went for a drink and came back on time, then they said it would be another 20 minutes. A table became available as we waited, and another party was seated who came in after us. We asked to speak to the manager, who said they had called ahead for a table. We said, that sure sounds like a reservation to us! We were told you didn’t take reservations!? The manager was clueless, unhelpful, and just stood there and nodded, “uh huh, uh huh.”. I have never witnessed such incompetence at a Healdsburg restaurant. By then it was 8 PM and we were all really hungry. We walked out, and will not return here ever. Went for good Japanese food at steak house across the street.

  7. We went to the long-anticipated Friday night opening, and were extremely disappointed. The food showed none of the magic and verve that we’ve enjoyed at numerous Mateo winery dinners and food truck/farmer’s market lunches. Drinks were interesting, but underpowered – two margaritas apiece, nary a buzz. Service was surprisingly capable for a first night, with only a few glitches. Nicely-designed room, noise level approaching the threshold of pain, so we were happy to be seated in the patio.

    Hopefully, this was just a stumble on the transition from food truck to brick-and-mortar. We wish Mateo and the crew well, and we’ll doubtless return for another try once things settle down.

  8. Thank you! <3

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